▷ 4 proven techniques to increase the performance of your email marketing

Email marketing is still by far one of the best e-marketing levers to increase traffic to your website or your outlets. In fact, a McKinsey study reported that email was 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. But on the other hand, consumers are inundated with emails. They receive an average of 416 commercial messages each month. (Origin return path)…

The receiving context is also becoming more difficult, particularly with the increased power of gray mail management, which differs from anti-spam filtering. Given the large number of announcements and newsletters we receive, messengers use additional filters that classify our emails to prevent us from being overwhelmed. This is how we have seen the famous Gmail Promotions tab appear, which now includes most of the newsletters and advertising campaigns that you receive, even if you have agreed to receive them.

In this context, email marketers must redouble their tips and techniques to continue benefiting from the exceptional profitability of email. The challenge is to maximize open and click rates. I suggest 4 particularly effective marketing techniques to increase your performance…

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1: Be generous

The “give to get” principle applies perfectly to email. In B2B, offering a white paper of advice to subscribe to your newsletter is already one of the classics but it is still especially effective. In B2C, for e-merchants, we see the flourishing of discount offers for newsletter subscriptions. Once you have acquired the email address, continue to be generous by regularly sending free tips, virtual gifts, etc. Your emails will become more viral and the bond with your brand and your sympathy capital will only be strengthened. Your purely business emails will be more accepted by punctuating your mailings with disinterested emails.

This is an example of a blog popup offering a free ebook download against name and email.


two: Customize to the max

There are still very few email marketers who personalize emails with the basics of first and last name. However, a study has shown that personalized promotional emails have a +29% open rate and +41% click-through rate compared to non-personalized emails. Even better, this same study also showed that a personalized email generates 6x more transactions than a non-personalized email!

Beyond so-called basic personalization, you can always go further by creating truly unique emails. Take a look at this example that uses multiple personalization fields for efficiency. Using the recipient’s company name and the customer’s business contact goes a long way in increasing the performance of such email.


3: Offer exclusives and privileges

We are all used to receiving many promotional emails with maximum discounts. It’s a good start to get noticed, but you should create email-only promotions that aren’t on your site without receiving the email. In fact, the more your recipients feel privileged to receive exclusives, the more addicted they will be to your emails. So feel free to tell them, this will increase the wait for your emails and lower your unsubscribe rate. Promotional emails are particularly appreciated. According to the latest SNCD study, receiving promotions is the main reason consumers give away their email.

Here is an example from Lancôme using the notion of exclusivity:


4: Create proximity

The tone you use influences the degree of closeness you establish with your customers. If your tone is friendly, your readers will feel personally connected to you. Consumers want companies to gain proximity. More and more of them are starting conversations on social media for speed and ease. This starts with the sender’s email address. Do not use a [email protected] address, but rather an email address that people can reply to you with. You will collect feedback (positive and negative) on your submissions, but also business opportunities. Write your emails like a real person. Remember, the email addresses you write to belong to real people! When you write like a real person and less like a business, recipients will listen to your message more.

Having a friendly tone is easier for companies that speak directly to consumers, but that doesn’t mean B2B companies can’t improve proximity to their recipients. Even in B2B, your emails go to those who make the buying decisions. Find the right balance between a friendly and professional tone in your emails to fully express your brand personality. If in doubt, do a split test using a classic tone on one side and a friendly tone on the other and see which one generated the most clicks.

They constantly talk to us about customer knowledge in marketing. But too often we forget that consumers also want to meet and interact with their favorite brands.

Therefore, you must know your recipients to better segment, but also so that they know you. Your brand will be more and more connected with your target. The more you know about your customers, the more you can connect with them on a personal level. The more customers get to know you, the more their attachment to your business will grow. That is why many start-ups tell in detail their adventures, their failures and their successes. People like to be told stories, so take advantage of the storytelling marketing technique for your business.

One of the famous examples of proximity in email marketing is Vente-Privée’s use of a fictional character: Cécile de Rostand.

Proximity is induced by various elements: this name is not chosen by chance, it suggests an elegant and classy environment that expresses the personality of the Vente Privée brand. The sender email used appears to be personal [email protected] and the emails are signed by Cécile.

This character represents Vente Privée’s customer service and even has his own Twitter account: https://twitter.com/cecilederostand

Private sale

Now you have some keys to improve the relevance and performance of your emailing campaigns, don’t hesitate!

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