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In October, Newsletter2Go, the SaaS email marketing software, celebrates the month of sending emails and offers you many gifts, tips and advice. In the following article, we discuss the future of email. What essential elements should you incorporate into your email campaigns? What trends will mark the email marketing practices of tomorrow?

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Here is part of the answer:

1: Mobile marketing will continue to explode

2015 is the year of mobile. In France, the use of smartphones has doubled in three years, while in Spain, for example, there is 72% of the population uses smartphones. (source: Google Consumer Barometer (2015). And your newsletters are far from an exception to the rule as they are 48% of all emails that are now open on mobile devices (source: litmus (2015)).

One thing is certain: in the coming years, this trend will not be reversed. Unlike. This may sound like a familiar refrain to some, but it bears repeating: if your emails aren’t responding, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to create your newsletters in such a way that they perfectly fit all formats. This implies a responsive design, but it also requires that you offer an alternative text version of your newsletters, because all platforms and Not all email clients are created equal when it comes to images!

2: Wearable technologies will change the game

Do you find it quite difficult to adapt your newsletters for mobile? So imagine how they will look like on a smart watch…

Of course, it can be annoying, yet another platform to consider, but for any seller worth their salt, it will soon be impossible to escape. So you might as well get ready and turn the emergence of this new technology into an opportunity. What to expect?

  • The content must be brief. Take the example of the Apple Watch: with a screen displaying 12-20 characters for the subject and a maximum of about 35 characters for the “above the fold” content, you’ll need to be brief.
  • The plain text will return. Since smartwatches are not at all suitable for displaying a lot of images, you will have to go all out on the content!
  • You’ll have to work on your preheader, as it offers a first look at your email… and risks being the last thing your recipients will read before deleting the message if you don’t hook them. Again: in front of such a small screen, tolerance will be minimal and your recipients are likely to click Delete much faster… The preheader is where you capture the customer!

So: Think Twitter, Think Short, Think Cash: 30 characters to convince!

3: Marketing automation will establish its reign

One of possibilities the best interesting of modern email is automation. In a nutshell, the goal of email marketing automation is to create a newsletter that automatically sent to their customers in response to a specific event – for example, a birthday, a purchase or a year after registration.

The goal is to offer your recipients personalized content and always related to a stage of your customer journey. Therefore, you send emails that will never go off topic or be perceived as spam.

This is made possible by the many customization tools that professional email software like Newsletter2Go offers today. Do not deprive yourself of it, it is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

Also, personalized emails increase click-through rate by 14% and the conversion rate of 10% (source: Aberdeeb Group (2012)).

4: No more simple subscription.

This is not the first time that it has been said, but at a time when numerous studies show that 80% of emails sent worldwide are spamit is clear that the tolerance for commercial messages is increasingly limited.

What is double opt-in? Instead of making the subscription to your newsletter effective directly after your client has registered with the form, you send them an email where they still have to confirm their registration. It is, in the end, a security step which ensures that your customer really wants to receive your newsletters.

There is no point in sending your emails to customers who don’t want to receive them. This, many marketers have understood. Furthermore, it can be said that theemail marketing has gotten a lot “cleaner” in recent years…and that’s because marketers have gone all out: cleaning up their contact lists, curbing email blasting in favor of fewer, more personalized, higher-quality emails, adopting an inbound strategy, let customers come to them instead of forcing them. .

So go all out for double opt-in and make sure your recipients are really interested in the content you offer!

5: Segment more thanks to geolocation.

In the same logic as marketing automation and double opt-in, a lot of effort has been put into segmenting contact lists and many innovative tools exist today.

One of the most interesting is geolocation. In fact, some modern email solutions allow you to see where your customers have opened your newsletter.

This information is not insignificant, as the geographic location of your customers may allow you to target your emails even better (for example, proposing an offer related to a regional specialty, or accompanying a local event).

Again, don’t forget: tomorrow’s recipient hates feeling lost in a crowd, offer tailored offers, Start a real dialogue with your customers!

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