▷ 8 steps to start a promotional product campaign

A promotional product campaign is an excellent opportunity to work on your level of awareness and your customer relationship. Are you launching your first campaign of this type? Follow these tips to get there…

1. Define your goals

Whatever you are told, the first step is to clearly identify what you need and what you are looking for. Every promotional product campaign should start with a clear goal. Consider setting SMART goals. When you launch a new promotional item, don’t forget to do market research, define your persona, and then develop an appropriate strategy to achieve your goal.

2. Understand your goal

The second step? Take the time to know and understand your goal. The smallest details matter: age, gender, income bracket, occupation, education level, interests… It’s important that you take the time to define your target audience so you know exactly how to most effectively reach them. Because the better defined your audience, the easier it is to deliver a message at the right time that they will remember for a long time.

3. Stay alert to changes in consumer behavior

Regardless of when you decide to launch your first giveaway campaign, you need to understand advertising trends and consumer behavior in your industry. Knowing what’s relevant in the market will give you insight into the most effective ways to structure your campaign. Think about which topics are trending, most relevant, and which ones interest your audience. Then combine them with your strategy to naturally align your ads with the conversations that matter.

4. Choose a value-based message

With the persona in mind, it’s time to craft the right message for your giveaway campaign. It outlines the themes you address in each ad to drive customer action. To do this, focus your message on the values ​​of your company and not on the promotion of the objects themselves. Sharing brand values ​​always makes an ad much more memorable and likely to evoke emotions.

5. Select promotional items

Once these four steps are clearly defined, select your promotional items. From hats to pens and mugs to that must-have personalized t-shirt, the list of promotional items to choose from is virtually endless. Small, practical everyday objects are also effective: key rings, lighters, carrying bags, USB sticks … and other promotional items for companies. In any case, avoid products that are quickly thrown away. Instead, opt for ones that will last a long time and are likely to be used frequently by recipients.

6. Analyze the competition

When creating a first campaign, i.e. when starting from scratch, it is always useful to have sources of inspiration. In other words, take the time to do a competitive analysis. Identify the main competitors you face in your industry and draw inspiration from them to see what has and hasn’t worked on similar products. Also, try to find what the competition hasn’t already offered your target audience and seize the opportunity to be the first brand to offer the product that customers are craving.

7. Analyze the results

One way to measure the success of your campaign is to measure the results it produces. Depending on the goals you want to achieve, identify the different parameters to measure. This allows you to see the current strengths and weaknesses of the efforts being made. Once the data has been analyzed, adjust your campaign again if necessary.

8. Take your time

Finally, to launch your campaign successfully, take enough time to do all these steps correctly. You can’t expect your marketing campaign to be successful if you rush it! So take your time:

  • Contact your partners and customers before launching your campaign;
  • Possibly reach out to influencers to promote your campaign;
  • Follow up ;
  • Create a schedule.

Building and executing a promotional product campaign is an impressive way to create a better brand identity. You can also use this strategy to improve your business performance in your industry. But you will understand, it takes time. Apply these tips without moderation to make your campaign a real success!

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