▷ 9 LinkedIn posting ideas to share your online reputation

LinkedIn is still the “norm” when it comes to professional social research. This is what we are trying to find out about new opportunities, new employees and your business. Use it to your advantage! To start your online rehearsal and increase your influence, incorporate 9 links from LinkedIn into your social media strategy…

1. Publish news

The publications on an opinion are functionally integrated on LinkedIn. The people using the platform are the professionals who can help other leaders. But when you have an “opinion sharing” you don’t have to look for an opinion that is common around the world. LinkedIn users used to participate in discussions. So that you can comment, share an opinion and not surprise the Jamaican person.

2. Essayez le content original and long

LinkedIn makes it easy to edit and publish original content. Tout comme sur un blog, la content de ce content is an excellent moyen de vous faire connaître, vous et votre entreprise. It will also open a public content consumer account, but you will be able to notice something that is an expert in your field and also increase your professional reputation. I want to say that creating a public subscription and brand Expert can take a lot of time. But it’s not too late to start.

3. Share statistics

Tout le monde aime une bonne statistique qui les fait s’asseoir et prendre note. And lorsque vous partagez une statistic pour votre entreprise avec vos subscriptions, cela vous aidera à demarrer une conversation!

4. Publish videos and presentations

The photos and videos are all about the impact on social issues, and LinkedIn doesn’t have to worry about that rule. Interested in an interesting SlideShare presentation? Have you found a motivated picture, interesting information or an inspiring conference? Postez-le!

5. Share stories about your brand

save yourself 60% of the content created by a brand has no purpose in consumers’ lives ? The defining front of your LinkedIn publications is like the most popular. Cependant, les contenus qui attirent leur attention sont les histoires, en particulier cells qui ont une approche emchetionnelle. They are devoid of empathy in our hearts. Ainsi, lorsque vous publiez du contenu, votre public begin à s’identifier à vous plutôt que de faire defiler votre message dans son fil d’actualité. To illustrate ideas or opinions, share the example of a historian who is not in your control and help your customers in one way or another or in relation to important values ​​for you as an entrepreneur.

6. Share the quotes

If you have a good book or can read a news article, you can share it and post some interesting quotes on your LinkedIn page. And why not suggest 5 of the best free books in your field in one article? Piochez exemplifies some ideas in these 10 sources of inspiration for startups.

7. Partagez de bonnes customs

We all have routines and choices that we regulate regularly in our time. To get your Cible’s attention, you can share a good habit you’ve had for a long time that you think others need to know and practice.

8. Note the words for discussion

On LinkedIn, the vast majority of beneficiaries connect and discuss the field’s activities with other professionals and experts. Pensez-y lorsque You are posting content on this platform. A great way to increase commitment is to open the discussion. Begin with an audacious question, voire provocante, remettez en question des hypothèses and invite your auditoire à commentator of the opinions. L’objectif est de susciter un debate sain auquel tout le monde peut ajouter son grain de sel . Don’t hesitate to use these techniques to get a flood of comments on social issues.

9. Experiment a little

Test, test and test! Parfois, deux petites lignes très simples que vous écrivez peuvent VRAIMENT attirer l’attention et booster votre marque sur LinkedIn! I don’t want to experiment to have more release ideas.

Well, of course, your brand is occupied and different from all existing on the platform. Publisz donc ce avec quoi vous vous sentez à l’aise, mais ces idées de sujets devraient déjà vous donner matère à reflekion. At the form level, use the lines of the line to improve the availability of your content, but it is long. Use emojis to show that you feel like your online community.

If you want to be a former member of the company, you can also start a web marketing service opening up a social media strategy.

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