▷ Adapter son business, son marketing et sa communication face au coronavirus / covid-19

The state’s independents and corporations on the other side of the confines of living on Coronavirus/Covid-19. Cancellation, report, activity in berne ces prochains mois. After watching the passage to the video, you have some tips for adapters for communication and your activity…

Guard is optimistic

Durant cette pioriode qui touche durement toute the population, il est important de garder son optimisme!

Take advantage of the lockdown period to improve your communication strategy and prepare as best you can. Having imposed this strong level of activity on the coronavirus, it is important to do so Return to the Fund for Rattraper les mois perdus.

Save and prepare for this main event!

Get close to prospects and customers

When time is unsellable, budgets are full of plunder, it’s a good moment to close in on prospects and trust your customers.

Communicate regularly with others, offer customization of your services, talk to your friends about the wait.

It is important to have a good life. As we have, with our web marketing formations and formatters, we have certainly annulled certain problems of your services. Essayez, dans la mesure du possible, who proposes different options to maximize reports and minimize cancellations.

If you are active, you can advertise certain services. A nice example with an Intermarket replacing overtime reservations for humans.

The company is one of the values ​​to be developed, that is the whole with your colleagues, customers, partners.

Chacun doit se serrer les Coudes pour passer cette crisis du coronavirus.

Reflect the main adapter to open it

The adapter is also indispensable, the date of return to normal rest is still pending, it is important to think about the adapter that is being used right now for longer delays.

Cela prend du temps… mais… bonne nouvelle… le temps ne va pas manquer ces prochaines semaines!

If you have a business and don’t need to sell online, it’s just a moment’s time. Without being able to launch an ecommerce site that can take up more than one place, you can go through the commands via email or through your social network.

If you coach or train, this is the moment to create your online training.

These are the two examples, but the general service of these opposing messages for the promotion of new services is adjusted.

The free quote option is subject to the COVID-19 restriction

Beaucoup de medias ont mis en place des ofres gratuites notamment canal +. This is an excellent strategy, but it can also be tested on a large scale. This is an element of a beautiful way of delivering a speech.

Alright, this is not an application for all activities, but to think about offering a free time limit to find out all or part of your offer.

As a profit for the work on the topic of the fund

Ces prochaines semaines vont be l’occasion de travailler sur vos sujets de fond.

You can think more than a month to start a new offer, pay attention to your communications, get to your site…

Benefit for working on these issues that are without these reported times!

Create creatively : News of offers and services

Adapter with communication

Malgré la baisse d’activity, it is essential to maintain regular communication. Inbound Marketing, Natural/SEO Reference, Email Marketing, and Social Media Research by Allies.

Search your SEO

Looking for references on Google prend du temps: Content Creation, Content, Site Optimization… Profitez de cette period pour vous pencher sur ce sujet. In a few words, the results arrive for you to support your activities.

It affects the port of everyone and what can affect your reference is the creation of original content and the optimization of business generator conditions. To help, publish this article: Create content that will be seduced by Google MAIS.

And you must be your former reference, you can’t just form a line in your canapé 😊

Communicate on social networks

Même si les reseaux sociaux sont current submergés d’information na covid 19, à a moment donné les personsnes fromt avoir besoin de passer à autre choose.

Use regular communication with the social network. The people who have it tend to connect nicely and regularly.

Don’t rely on email marketing

Communicate regularly on your own basis. And you don’t have to go through the email marketing strategy right away, it’s a good moment to start one. Read the full article “Create a newsletter with Mailchimp”.

Surf through the live video formats

Webinar, Facebook Live or other, this is a good moment to replace direct communication. Lancez vous!

Adjust your advertising budgets

Separate your activities, adapt to your advertising budget. For certain activities, even impossible with my own limitations, we can decide on our budgets. If Google Ads campaigns can run without any impact, your Facebook Ads campaigns will be privileged, Facebook algorithm will not be late for campaign stops and retaliation.

Conversely, your activities will be at stake to rebuild the face of the situation, profits to maximize your budgets. The competition is varied and the tariffs are higher, as is the variety of PR platforms by tank model.

Aides miss government’s place for entrepreneurs and independents

To close the topic, you can help some government misfortunes to respond to the coronavirus situation.

Plus helpers in this announcement, l’URSSAF for example automatically cancel annulé l’échéance du mois de mars, elle sera gradually reported sur les prochains mois.

The credits in the course are very important, a solidarity fund for the self-employed and small business owners is right there in the course for the masses in town. It is intended for companies to pay 70% of business income and reserves for companies, but the business code does not depend on 1 million euros.

The water bills, gas and electricity are the only ones that can be suspended.

Your help is also in the course of the operation, in this case you are advised to read the complete file published on the website Monter son business: Les aides for Entrepreneurs suite Coronavirus.

Good cheer in this complicated time, don’t hesitate to share your good practices via the comments!

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