▷ Analysis of 5 luxury brand marketing campaigns in China

5 luxury brand campaigns in China during 520 will be decrypted in this article. 520? It is the day of “I love you” in China, with a similar pronunciation between the number and “I love you” in China …

During this event, Chinese e-commerce giants create events to promote shopping. May 20, for example, is the day of lovers when Chinese men buy gifts for their lovers. In China, traditionally, men give gifts.

This mini Chinese Valentine’s Day is the only opportunity to target Generation Z, born with the digital age. Due to the effects of COVID-19, there are fewer exclusive offers online for logistical and transportation reasons. However, beauty brands like Tom Ford Beauty have created group buying programs for Shanghai.

In this article, we present 5 luxury brands that celebrated this year’s Day of Love in an innovative way, offering interactive video games or love themes.

Balenciaga, Gamification

Balenciaga has launched a marketing campaign that includes limited editions and social initiatives. All of these items were available on the company’s official website and in its offline stores. The company’s “5:20 arcade” stood out. It featured pixel art and a realistic soundscape. To this was added the distribution of 520 profile photos. Read more information.

The minigames in the room resonated strongly with Chinese millennials who grew up playing arcade games like Super Mario and Galaxian. Many WeChat users have used profile pictures. These assets were a way for the home to establish their virtual identity and strengthen their digital presence.

Louis Vuitton, star and influencer

Louis Vuitton introduced its LV Volt jewelry line, using the house’s iconic logo. The new launches of the 2022 collection highlight its gender-fluid designs, which encourage confidence and individuality.

Two young talents starred in the marketing campaign, actress Wu Xuanyi and Gen Z singer Justin Huang, to showcase the collection’s rings, bracelets and necklaces. The campaign hashtag reached 1120 million people thanks to these stars (who have a cumulative audience of 50 million people). The house also launched an engaging WeChat Moments ad. This allows users to explore the video and campaign collection in a more engaging way. Digital is the main means of communication in China, we keep repeating it, but brands mainly use this sales and promotion channel. Read more about luxury brands in China.

Prada, storytelling

Prada has launched a digital campaign focused on the enchanting power of love and the beauty it can reveal. The company then presented a unique and artistic fantasy through the videos and photos of the campaign.

It also launched a selection of products featuring a vibrant and dynamic color palette – including yellow, emerald and vermilion – in contrast to muted grays, graphic black and white. The campaign, which saw the participation of Alexander Poole and Lina Zhang from China, was well received. It is, however, different from the previous 520 campaign, as it relies more on storytelling, supported by visual communication. Read more information.

Tiffany, the star of the Beijing Olympics

Tiffany unveiled a limited edition Tiffany Hardwear necklace with rubies to celebrate this year’s 520th Valentine’s Day. “Blue is The Color of Love” featured global brand ambassador for the luxury jeweler, freestyle skier and Olympic model Eileen Gu.

Gu’s support for this campaign has increased his social engagement: the campaign hashtags #ElieenGuTiffanytheColorofLove and #ElieenGuColorson on Weibo amassed a total of 230 million viewers at the time of publication, a sizeable number for one ad. Gu opens the blue box of Tiffany’s signature in the campaign video. It has been viewed 99 million times with comments such as “mysterious”, “elegant” or “beautiful”.

The collaboration between Eilen Gu and Tiffany has been a blessing since Gu, a young skier, won her first gold medal in February. Tiffany has seen her organic traffic increase dramatically overnight thanks to her social media sensation. A brilliant Chinese-American coming to win a gold medal in China has caused a sensation in China.

While the company has launched another 520 unique products in the past year, the success of this campaign will only increase consumer interest and exposure.

Valentino, a “product” communication.

Valentino Garavani presented the Mini Loco Valentino Garavani bag campaign. It featured a hidden “v” in “love” feature in the iconic logo of its namesake accessory. The campaign was centered around the idea that love is a unique declaration between two individuals.

Partnerships with the campaign’s celebrities also received a positive reception from netizens. The video features brand ambassador Lay Zhang and singer Jessica Jung. They interpret the message of love for this special occasion. The #LayZhangJessicaJung video received 100 million views on Weibo in one day. Weibo is kind of like Twitter and the number one app for following the stars. This hashtag entered the top 3 most popular topics on May 10 on Weibo. A strategic date, because it corresponds to the purchase decisions on Tmall, and other e-commerce sites in China.

If you want to start in China, digital and e-commerce are essential for marketing luxury brands. I invite you to read an old column on luxury brands in China.

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