▷ Are Web Marketing Techniques Still As Effective?

With the explosion in the number of online businesses over the last decade, many web marketing techniques have become popular, not only with entrepreneurs but also with the internet users they are applied to!

Let’s take an example: offering a free email capture product.

This technique is very popular: a large number of bloggers use it.

But why they offer an ebook, training or something “for free” has become an open secret…

Almost everyone now knows that the goal is to reclaim email addresses in exchange to promote content (free and paid) or services behind it.

You don’t have to be a web marketing connoisseur to know this technique!

And this is one example among many others…

Suddenly one wonders if all these widely known and used web marketing techniques haven’t lost their effectiveness in the end?

And most importantly, should we still be using the various web marketing techniques at our disposal (at the risk of sounding like a bad carpet dealer)!?

Why Do Web Marketing Techniques Always Work?

Going back to the free email capture product example…

This technique has been used since the advent of professional blogs on the web.

And it’s still used everywhere today!

The reason ?

It works out !

Quite easy.

It may be well known, even among netizens, but that doesn’t detract from its effectiveness.

It’s just like the prices at 9.99…

For years everyone has understood why shops, stores and supermarkets would rather withdraw a penny than offer a round price.

But it works !

Sure, because we know the trick, it still works on an emotional level.

When an Internet user has the opportunity to download free content that will help (or at least promise to help) them to solve their problem, they are willing to give their email address to download it!

Even if we KNOW the goal is to further ourselves, it’s hard to resist the urge to buy something for free – at least when we see some value in it.

The choice is emotional.

This also happens with so-called “scarcity” techniques.

When I see an “exclusive offer” with a countdown or a limited number, I know it’s a technique to encourage me to complete the purchase.

However, if I am interested in the offer, I still feel the desire to take action immediately.

Even though I know the technique by heart, it still affects me emotionally.

And the same goes for a plethora of other marketing techniques: because they work on an emotional level, they work (at least partially) even if you know them!

Actually it is quite easy…

Marketing uses are subject to a type of natural selection over time

When a technique stops working or works less well than another, it ends up disappearing!

It ends up being abandoned or replaced.

So: if a technique is still widely used today, no matter how old or popular it is, it is most likely because it is still effective!

However, it is true that a technique becomes less effective when it is no longer innovative.

As it democratizes, people develop better “resistance” to its influence – unless it’s used REALLY very well.

But as a rule, popular web marketing techniques are effective!

And because they are effective, they are popular.

Where Internet Marketing Has Changed

However, amateurism is no longer really tolerated today.

That said, even 10 years ago you could totally rush your marketing or use techniques completely out of the blue, you still had a decent chance of making sales.

Sometimes even a lot!

However, these days your marketing needs to be of good quality if you want to be successful on the internet.

For example: you could make a lot of sales by just putting a few pages online to showcase your product…

While today you need to create well developed sales funnels to get correct conversion rate.

But on the other hand, today you also have a lot of tools at your disposal to improve your marketing.

If you do a little research, you’ll see that there’s a plethora of web marketing software out there for building sales funnels!

And they allow you to set up effective funnels in record time.

While a few years ago it was a hassle; They had to nest a lot of plug-ins (and fingers crossed that one of them didn’t interfere with the others…).

The same goes for the timers (countdown) on your sales page.

Today, with software like Thrive Ultimatum or Deadline Funnel, you can add a timer to your sales page in minutes to add a touch of succinctness and urgency to your offer.

And it works REALLY well!

With this little technique, you can increase your conversion rate.

So today you MUST have much better quality marketing…

But you have NO excuse for not having better marketing given all the tools at your disposal.

Conclusion: Web Marketing Techniques Work and…

Yes, marketing techniques are always effective!

And I will go further…

It doesn’t work without it!

You need to use several of them if you want to attract new customers and make your online business stand out.

The more you use, assuming of course that they are relevant for your company AND whether they are Well used, the more you increase your chances of generating more sales – and the better of course!

Many novice entrepreneurs imagine that they can rush their marketing because they think their product and/or service is excellent…

This is a BIG mistake!

It is not the quality of your product or your service that determines your success, but the desire that you arouse in your prospects to order them!

And what is marketing if it doesn’t stimulate the desire to buy?

It’s your job to get your prospects to take action.

That’s what web marketing techniques are for.

And with (always) a lot of efficiency if they are used well!

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