▷ Ca y est! LinkedIn Lance l’emoji “Drôle”

You’ll surely be talking about a moment: LinkedIn is working on a new emoji to reply to a post. C’est désormais officiel: LinkedIn dévoile l’emoji «Drôle» added six six emoji reply options «

Did you post on LinkedIn to get rid of it, get your help, or offer “a place to play in a professional context”? As soon as I can see the social network, launch the “drill” reaction (Strange in English version).

The little blue vision that comes together:

As you can see, LinkedIn is a gift to give new emoji a central place for the future.

If you are sure, certain users can report notifications using the links provided by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional business (B2B).

This response was first sparked in June 2020 in response to publications on the sanitation crisis. debut March, Tomer Cohen ainiti insinué qu’un nouvel émoji «qui rit». The excitement of:

“One of the main demands we have made is a response to our emotions. We have heard and encouraged each other and we agree. Humor is a serious matter. ».

This function is located in the elevator under the lancet of new analysis tools to content creators. near complete the information plus clarification about the audience and the performance of a publication.

tom cohen Help:

“We know it’s important to understand why your audience and our team work to create new analytics for our creators. Bientôt, les createurs pourront obtenir des analyzes sur leurs publication individualles et leurs performances globals, à travers le content et l’audience ».

Using links on LinkedIn, good or bad idea?

The emojis are not ready-made for all industries. Certain sont equalement à éviter au bureau comme le langage fleuri, par example au risque de remettre en question votre professionalnalisme. Confirm emoji peuvent également accentuate les confused comme les marks ne sont pas obligatoirement identiques.

Pourtant, plus the great inconvenience of electronic circuits that it is not possible to see the facial expressions, the gesture does not mean the tone of his interlocutor. Would you like to be able to integrate all emotions into the heart of communication? You are always from:

  • Make the conversation less impersonal and cold;
  • Avoid wrong interpretations;
  • And take the lever le voile sur les doutes.

LinkedIn is like a social uniqueness service that guarantees emojis and emoji reactions, especially the last ones Exchange plus socializing etc reach the point of closeness between the content creator and the community. This functionality is based on the professional modifications of my formulas, plus liquids and more naturals, but also on Linkedin located on other social networks. And finally, the whole contribution to increase the number of impressions and audience.

To reply to a post or comment:

  • Place your cursor on the icon to choose your reaction to a post or comment and use a user.
  • Apply long on icon and choose your reaction and use mobile device.

Enfin, the “drill” reaction is a phased deployment and is not available for all worlds, not just mobile users in China. There are some useful users in France.

What do you think of this new emoji reaction? Is it available to you

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