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Developing communication with your emails is a major challenge today because email is the primary communication channel. Quite often, we tend to confuse email with employee email. However, these are two communication channels that have distinct marketing benefits. You need to use them wisely by setting clear conversion goals. Find out the key points to remember to communicate well via email with Boost My Mail …

Email, an essential acquisition lever in digital marketing

Let’s start by taking stock of the qualities of the email. Email is necessary and effective in inbound marketing to maintain the relationship with your leads and customers, while accelerating nurturing. It is a highly visible communication channel with 49 emails received on average per day per employee, with 36 emails sent by a company’s employees and 13 emails.

The first essential point to remember is that emails sent by your employees are more visible than emails, both in terms of email volume and speed of opening. In fact, employee emails are not spammed. Communicating through your employees’ email signature is essential today. Also, in the digital age, email is considered reliable and unobtrusive. It’s a safe bet for information.

Increase your brand awareness and close more contacts with your emails

While the email signature strengthens your brand, the memorization of your brand and develops your business opportunities in an ultra-targeted and personalized way, the email campaigns are aimed at a wider audience, in the form of newsletters or e promotional emails.

Email has been a communication channel that has been used for many years to increase a company’s sales. So let’s talk about prospecting, B2B lead generation, loyalty, etc. The email return rate is interesting with an average of 5% to 15% (source: Business database). However, to design relevant email campaigns, it is essential to have a well-developed database to reach a large audience.

The use of email signatures is a more recently used concept. In fact, with the digitalization of companies and the pandemic that has radically transformed exchanges, the email signature has become an effective web marketing channel. With it, you increase traffic to your website, develop your community on social networks, communicate your news and offer services, such as booking appointments online.

Enhance your email exchanges by making them more user-friendly and human. Employees are now ambassadors of their company’s brand image as well as on Btob social networks. The impact on your brand image is extremely positive. It is a powerful and highly visible ad space that brings truly impressive results to those who know how to use it… On average, in a company with 50 employees, the email signature is seen on average 35,000 times a month. A well-structured email signature, with strategically placed calls to action, generates an average of 30% click acquisition per campaign. An open rate significantly higher than email open rates.

The ultra positive impact of email signature on your brand

An extremely differentiating element is the frequency of communication. A definite advantage with your co-workers’ email signatures is that you can communicate seamlessly. The repetition of the emails sent by your employees strengthens the memorization of your brand and opens the field of possibilities for the communication of your news. Add a banner ad to your email signature and CTA buttons that lead to your website, website or online appointment booking and that’s it!

A very simple tool to generate your own email signatures with Boost My Mail

The solution is designed to optimize the distribution of your messages thanks to the emails sent by your employees through their email signature. Improve the performance of your brand in digital marketing by opening a new promotion channel and increasing the trust attributed to it.

With Boost My Mail, a single user can create and distribute a customized and automated email signature template for all of their colleagues. The experience is smooth and simple. The UI / UI of the tool, particularly well thought out, does not spoil anything. We also appreciate the dashboard, which allows you to have a view of the planned campaigns and scenarios. Boost My Mail is currently the only solution on the market to offer campaign scenario distribution. This is an important resource of the solution to communicate simultaneously on different news. To try the solution, nothing simpler, take advantage of 14 days for free by clicking here.

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