▷ How to build a profitable business from scratch?

Every beginner asks this question. Anyone who dreams of being able to make a living from online business is feverishly looking for the answer: How can you build a profitable business in a matter of months if you are starting from scratch?

This sequence of steps applies to each topic. That’s literally what the big guys do in this game, and it works.

Who am I to tell you this?

Because yes, the issue of legitimacy is important with an article like this!

Enthusiastic, Lucien aka Capitaine Copy: 18-year-old copywriter trained with the greatest and studying commerce at the first IUT in France.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning the business.

By following the process I’m about to give you, I know it’s only a matter of time before I make my contribution.

I am in contact with the greatest EVERY DAY. I see what works and I’ll share it with you. Free.

That’s good for you ?

Let’s go.

1/ Create a clear positioning

The goal is to become obvious. A must.

Otherwise everything is the same:

Would you rather eat at a beast from a Neapolitan pizza maker?

Or eat a pizza at the kebab station.

In other words, do you want to have a great night or grab a tourista from hell?

This is quickly apparent and must also apply to your company. Before you start anything, take the time to clearly define your offer, your goal and your positioning.

Why is it so important to define all of this?

Well, simply because you don’t talk to a man like you do to a woman, mon capi.

Example: A woman wants to get toned while a man wants to gain mass.

It’s simple, but you have to think about it.

If you focus ONE DAY on your offer, your positioning and your goal, you can do something super clean and get results much faster. Without that, no profitable business in the foreseeable future.

2/ Make yourself known

Ok, that’s the slightly more time consuming part, although some break through in as little as 1 month and are already brewing.

Maybe you’re delivering maximum value on your blog or Facebook page right now, but no one is following you?

To remedy this and give your class to a full room (just waiting), here are 3 strategies:

  • write guest articles;
  • Post on LinkedIn;
  • conduct job interviews.

You know her ?

Today it is clearly the most effective.

write guest articles

You contact the big blogs on your topic by offering them an article about it.

It’s a win-win situation. He snags free content, you gain visibility.

With this you can affirm your expertise “Look at me, I post on the biggest blog of [ta thématique] French ! “

At the end of your article, include a small call-to-action to get subscribers to your list.

The best part?

It is that they will be qualified registrants. Yes, they are on a blog on your topic, it’s good that they are interested. They will be much easier to convert later.

Remember, we are looking for buyers, not readers. quality > quantity.

I know people who earn +€10,000/month with almost 1000 subscribers. If this isn’t a profitable business…

Post on LinkedIn

It’s pretty much the same principle, but more appropriate if you’re looking to sell your services.

On LinkedIn you can build a solid network super fast and super easy.

At a rate of one post a day that takes you 20 minutes to write, you can quickly become a figure on your topic.

We are only at the very beginning of this platform, many are not yet aware of its funky side.

Post on your topic or have fun telling anecdotes from your life and reap the benefits.

Interview the bosses in your area

In this way you capture part of the audience and the visibility of the interviewee. He will be able to demonstrate his expertise by answering your questions.

Again, it’s a win-win situation. They ask for a link to your channel or email list in the description, and that’s it.

3/ Be regular

The most important thing, as with everything, is to be regular.

If you diligently publish for 2 months and then there is radio silence until the end of the year… you won’t get far.

On the other hand, if you follow the method meticulously and don’t give up, it will pay off.

My advice is to publish one article per week up to 300 subscribers.

Writes 2 emails a week in addition to articles.

Neglecting his list is the worst mistake one can make:

You will contact them again a few weeks later, they will have forgotten you and all kindly unsubscribe from your first sales email. Not profitable.

Actually, I have good news for you.

You are not allowed to write 2, but only 1 email per week.

One of the two can only be to announce that you have published an article

Keep posting and creating regularly, you will be fine.

4/ Understand the audience

At this point, it’s cool, your subscribers are dropping, and you’re starting to think about your first offer.

Don’t burn your wings, big boy.

Before you sell anything, you need to be sure your audience needs it.

For this ?

Start maximum polls, calls and ask questions at the bottom of your emails.

Calls are clearly the most effective:

Your audience is subconsciously handing you morsels of persuasion on a silver platter to such an extent that they can’t resist begging you to send you money.

But the vocations are also the most difficult to execute. You need to know what questions to ask and how not to make it uncomfortable.

That’s good, I have a secret document that sums it all up.

Pretty cool right?

Click the yellow button up there, just below the handsome guy in purple, to grab your treasure☝.

In short, let’s go back …

Recognizing the audience’s problems/wants is essential to be 100% sure you’re selling.

But before you submit your offer, you must prove your professional competence.

So I advise you to post videos (private if you prefer) that answer the ten most common problems faced by your audience. You post 1 a week, you show you know it, and you’re building a solid foundation for your profitable business.

Brings full value as it will last.

Snowball effect, you already know it.

A little tip: when it comes to a more visual topic (example: drawing).

Instagram privilege. Short and dynamic posts will be more interesting, even pictures will do.

5/ Publish your first product

Pull out your product that responds to the reader’s big problem using the above information-gathering method (survey, call, etc.), a well-established email sequence, an irresistible offer, and an optimized sales page = big wins .

Ultimately, this is the easiest part in building your profitable business.

Once you have a buyer audience that is willing to cater to all of your offers, life gets good.

Great power for your projects, the important thing is to act. I can’t say it enough, it changed my life. stay the course!

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