▷ How to communicate your news in each email from your collaborators?

France has been in lockdown for two weeks. In the midst of a health crisis, each of our companies is greatly impacted. You have to adapt, strengthen your digital communication, and above all stay home for everyone’s well-being.

Only here, in a period of confinement (S+3????), maintaining quality contact with your customers and partners has become a real challenge. And above all an experience that we will remember for a long time. It’s also a great time to stay tuned and try new collaboration tools.

Today, digital communication has even more meaning and impact than yesterday. Reinforce it, through social networks, chat bots, the web in a global way, but also through the emails that your employees send. Email is the main communication channel of a company. The emails sent by your collaborators can be a good way to reinforce your brand image and communicate current news, constantly renewed.

In this article, I suggest you find out why to communicate in daily emails and how to better spread the news in every email from your business. A short series of questions/answers. Simple and fast!

How to communicate better in each outgoing email of your company?

By using the email signatures of each of your employees ????. It is a communication space in its own right in email. The main advantage is its good visibility. In fact, emails sent by your employees are 100% delivered to their recipients, unlike emails. The email signature amplifies the message of your collaborator and guarantees the brand image of your company. An email banner can be associated to communicate your news.

What are the advantages of communicating in your employees’ emails?

???? Strengthen the brand image of your company.

???? Communicate in your news.

???? Multiply the impact of your marketing actions.

What would be the impact of my campaigns?

An employee sends an average of 40 emails per day. If your company has 50 employees, the impact of your campaigns is multiplied, with:

  • 2000 views per day of your email signature,
  • And a volume of 40,000 potential clicks per month.

???? In this very special period, distributing a banner pointing to a dedicated web page would allow you to communicate your information on a day-to-day basis.

Boostmymail email signature

How do I manage and sync my company’s email signatures from a single PC?

For this, you need to subscribe to an email signature management platform to manage your company’s email signatures.

With Boost My Mail, a single person within your company can in a few clicks:

  • Harmonize 100% of your company’s email signatures. Templates sync with your partner’s business contact information.
  • Add a banner to the email signature of your collaborators. Date-to-date programming is possible.
  • Measure campaign performance using the statistics dashboard.

Specifically, what are the daily benefits?

  • Gain time.
  • Master the digital identity of your company, and strengthen it.
  • Optimize the relationship with the customer in each email sent and humanize it.
  • Easily create banner images.
  • Give real visibility to your campaigns, and measure their performance.
  • Create new business opportunities.
Email Open Tracking

The tool is available as a free trial version for 14 days, in part of the features:

???? The module for customizing email signature templates.

???? The banner creation module.

Try the tool by clicking here. To sync your templates and marketing campaigns, a subscription is required.

Now you have all the method to communicate in each email of your company!

Article written in collaboration with Boost My Mail

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