▷ How to identify and solve a Google indexing problem?

google maybe does not index a page, post or product On your website. If you are having indexing issues with certain pages, you need determine what the problems are that Google encounters when analyzing your content. Here we go over the most common errors Google may encounter on your website…

Identify indexing issues

In order to correctly determine the main errors of your natural referencing, it is necessary to review all the pages of your site. Of course, an e-commerce site is by 500 pages would be very long to study. In order to avoid wasting your time in certain cases, we recommend you to be guided by certain easy-to-use tools. There are also cheats that will allow you to do this know if Google consults your website.

Check your sitemap in Google Search Console

In the Google Search Console, you must first submit your sitemap. We call this file the sitemap.xml.

Thanks to this file, Google can easily recognize all pages of your website. However, in some cases pages are not indexed. To know the reason, you just need to enter the URL of your page and the Google indexing report will be provided to you. Here you can see the errors Google encountered during its exploration. It is quite possible that a page will not be indexed without errors. We will come back to this a little later in the article.

Your page may already be in the search engine

Having informed you about Google Search Console, we have to explain that the data provided by the indexing report may not be up to date. In some cases, The report can give you the answer of the last crawl, but does not necessarily indicate the time T. Many have complained about this bug, it needs to be corrected in the future, we hope! If the data and errors provided are not up-to-date, Your page may already be on Google. You can simply test site:www.example.fr to check that the pages on your site are well indexed. In the case of an article, write the URL of your page after the site tag:

Check if the Google bot has read your content

If you’ve tried the previous two methods and that doesn’t work: you can see if Google read your site. You own your web server and you have access to what is being called the protocols. These are provided to you by your online host. In these log files we can see several elements such as the IP address of the client or the page it has downloaded. The most interesting thing is that you can see the return code of the page. In some cases, web hosts offer to separate logs and error logs. Error logs are of interest to us in our situation as they can give us an idea whether Google received an error or not.

Set up an audit with a crawler

There are easy-to-learn tools that you can use to set up an audit. You need some tools if your website has many pages. They enable you to a Crawl your site, and send you all the data. Of course, you have access to all errors and recommendations according to your tool’s features and filters. We can name some of them that are particularly qualitative:

  • SemRush
  • AhRef
  • semji
  • majestic

To troubleshoot indexing issues, you need to check several things about the overall health of your site. It is very important, Check what can block the robot on one side. There are several reasons why the search engine does not want to show your link. In some cases, it is assumed that you have blocked the page on purpose. It can come from a manual error, but it can also come from an extension or theme on the CMS.

Fix all 404 pages

Thanks to the crawlers mentioned above, you have access to all 404 errors on your website. Good, because with this very valuable information we can fix all your 404 pages. You have 2 solutions to fix these 404 errors:

  • The 301 redirect: You have a 404 page and a new page with similar content. You can then set up a redirect to your new page. Plus, you get back all the SEO JUICE from your valuable backlinks;
  • The 410 Error: You confirm to Google that the 404 pages were deleted on purpose. So that he understands that it is not a mistake but a voluntary action, he will then delete the page from the index more quickly.

Check your robots.txt file

All websites have a robots.txt file. Thanks to this file it is possible to give very specific instructions to the search engine. For example, it is possible to ask the BING search engine not to index the author pages of your website, but only the article pages. It is therefore possible Restrict bots from crawling your site. Make sure that your robots.txt file does not get between Google and your content to be indexed.

Check your .htaccess file

In the same case, the .htaccess file has features that allow you to do this lock and secure specific elements of your website, such as pages or categories. You must first analyze your .htaccess file and try to improve it.

Improve your SEO in general

Quality, experience and notoriety will bring credit to you, your site and Google. The three most important points of SEO, which have been the focus of the topic for a number of years. In addition, to increase efficiency, we recommend that you read an article on the pages that do not appear on Google.

Apply quality content

Your website must offer something to your readers Solutions and interesting topics that suit their needs. There is no secret to creating quality content: it takes work and relentlessness. Content isn’t just about words or phrases, it’s about architecture, media, and the personal touch you give to your content. If you can get Google to understand “who matches what and why?” then you have won everything!

Work on the user experience

Not only the fact that a topic is the most interesting of the year is decisive. The content of your page must be clear, easily accessible and quick to read. It is also very important for SEO that your site is mobile friendly. This is a very important criterion for SEO, just like the Core Web Vitals.

Get fame on the internet

Now that you’ve created quality content and improved your site’s user experience, it’s time to address its prominence. The goal is simply to get quality links from other websites that are thematically similar to yours. just right? In fact, sometimes it is very complicated, and it takes time and energy. You’re lucky, Webmarketing & co’m offers its services precisely to improve your visibility and that of your website.

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