▷ How to learn COPYWRITING: the 5 best approaches

If you clicked on this article, you already know about copywriting. You know it’s really important to your business because it can dramatically increase your sales without getting more traffic. Now you want to know how to learn copywriting ? Let’s go !

You know it has to be learned, but you’re not quite sure where to look because there are so many different options. Don’t worry, this is normal.

When you embark on something new, you have to discover everything and know where the best advice is hidden
Well, that’s what we’re going to see in this article.

1/ Old books

Copywriting has been around for decades. And in the 1900s, many books appeared on the subject. These books were written by copywriting legends. In their time it was harder to sell because there was no internet, but they still managed to do it.

They also tested everything they could to see what worked and what didn’t.

Today’s copywriting is based on the copywriting of the “old”, because we see the basics of selling. What is used today is the same as in the past.

Only the means of communication have changed (letters, advertisements in newspapers, TV spots, etc.). So all the basics of selling are in these books.

Here are some examples:

  • influence and manipulation (Robert Cialdini);
  • Ogilvy on Advertising (David Ogilvy);
  • breakthrough advertising (Eugene M. Schwartz);
  • The Boron Letters (Gary Halbert) (not really a book, but it’s a classic).

The only problem is that you may find it difficult to read large books with a lot of text. And most are in English. But these books remain essential for learning copywriting.

2/ Blogging and emailing

If you are reading this article, you already know that you can learn copywriting through blogging. But I will tell you about it anyway to show you its importance compared to the others.

Blogs are different from books. We have gathered a lot of knowledge in books, while blogs have several articles on different topics.

For example, a book from the 1900s is 1 or 2 books at most (mostly) because it contains everything it has to teach.

With a blog, on the other hand, you can create hundreds of articles if you want because you can focus on a specific topic. So if you want to search for a specific topic, you will surely find an article dedicated to that topic.. Furthermore, unlike videos or podcasts, articles are written, which is the basis of copywriting (the art of written selling).

You can see how each item is formed, what structure is used, what selling technique is used. Reading articles keeps you busy at the same time.

In addition to the blog, ieThere is also email. I put them in the same category as the blog because he writes too. A person who has an email list from their community can actually send one email per day, per week (like me).

The goal is simply to send emails as if we were publishing an article.

3/ Analysis of sales pages

There it is no longer content to teach us how to copywrite. We are the ones who learn for ourselves.

The goal is simple.

Look for a successful sales page (whether it’s copywriting or a person/company that has sold a product well) and analyze it.

Find out what techniques they use.

For example, if the sender offers a free sample on a sales page, ask “Why?”. “.
The answer is that if someone gives you something, you will want to give something back because you are being polite and want to thank the person. This is the “reciprocity bias”.

If you do this with an entire sales page, you will really get ahead, you will recognize the techniques used more and more easily and therefore master them.

Here is an example of a sales page analysis in this article.

bonuses : You can do the same with all the advertising around you, be it on the street, on your phone, on your TV. There are constantly ads that need to be analyzed.

4/ coaching and training

The benefit of coaching and training is the same for all subjects, not just learning to write.

As you know, there is a difference from other tips. There you pay (even if the books pay, the prices are very low).

We might hesitate to train through payment or just stay free. Everyone does what suits them, but I’ll tell you the benefits of coaching and training.

Those are big acronyms.

For example, if you buy a training course on how to write a sales page that sells, you will have everything you need to start writing a sales page that sells. You don’t have to look everywhere.

Basically, it saves you a lot of wasted time. Everything is available to you when you buy it.

For coaching, which is often more expensive, but you will be looked after. The person has already walked the path you are taking and will show you directly what to do and what not to do.

Of course, just completing training or coaching is not enough. You also have to learn yourself.

5/ take action

All other tips won’t REALLY help if you miss this one : Unless you write sales copy for practice, learning to copy will be much less effective.

A very powerful example: If you want to learn to play the piano, you will not achieve it by learning everything about it. It’s good to play the piano and study at the same time.

Why ? Because you apply the advice directly and you can see how it’s done.

There’s a difference between “knowing how to write a sales page” and “actually writing a sales page.”

Even if you have a lot of copywriting knowledge, your first sales copy will still be difficult.

And that’s normal, I too made a very average sales text at the beginning.

So you have to write, write and write again. That’s how you get really strong.

So my advice for really increase your sales :

  1. learn copywriting;
  2. Write (apply what you learn).

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