▷ Influencer marketing and interactive video at the service of prevention

In 2018, Netflix innovated with an interactive episode of Black Mirror (Bandersnatch), a format that made an impression at the time. Did you know that the technology behind this type of video, where the viewer controls the plot and the actions of the protagonists, is also possible on YouTube? MACIF and Reech, an innovative marketing influencer solution, have partnered to offer an innovative campaign aimed at addressing the issue of addiction awareness and its consequences among young people. Let’s see the pros and cons of this campaign together…

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A collaboration in the service of prevention

The campaign was carried out in collaboration with MACIF, Reech, Webedia and influencer and humorist Ludovik, YouTuber with a community of 1.3 million subscribers and member of Studio Bagel.

More than 15 sequences were filmed to give the internet user the opportunity to build the story according to his ideas. In the end we come to an ultra-quality 35-minute film in which we don’t get bored for a second.

We find a perfect balance between information and entertainment to raise awareness among the younger generations! The YouTube platform has established itself for the creativity it enables (those famous interactive videos) and for the dissemination power of the influencers involved in the campaign.

This format has existed for some time but has very little presence in France on the influence side. Congratulations to Reech and MACIF for this great influencer marketing campaign that will surely inspire others. Note that YouTube has been facilitating and supporting the creation of interactive videos for a little over 2 years, proof that the format is starting to grow.

In practice…

The main video (the first introduction) will be featured on the influencer’s channel, the other capsules will not be featured to keep up the excitement. At the end of the first video, the internet user is asked to make a choice:

Then, depending on the selection, the corresponding capsule starts and so on until the end of the story.

Depending on the scenario and its complexity, many capsules can of course be created. 15 capsules were put online here.

This type of content maximizes engagement through interactivity.

In the case of this prevention awareness video, the multiple choice participatory scenario allows you to highlight the bad and the good choices to make, ideal for prevention!

The results of this influencer marketing campaign

The video was among the top 3 trends in France when it was launched, recording more than 6,600,000 views in all capsules and more than 280,000 views for videos where MACIF was present.

The engagement page received 196,498 likes and 2,952 comments.

The campaign was also shared on Instagram with 7 posts (3 videos, 3 photos and 1 story), resulting in 3,471,066 impressions, 260,466 views and 90,526 engagements.

MACIF’s goal was to allow identification of its brand from the first seconds of viewing the content. It is quoted from the introduction without slowing down the pace of the video. This gives us an excellent brand placement, which has enabled the insurer to significantly increase its level of awareness among young people.

The campaign also received very qualitative feedback from netizens:

In a context where it is increasingly difficult to keep the attention of Internet users, this innovative format, combined with the quality of the content, allows for a clear standing out and being noticed for a good cause.

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Article written in collaboration with Reech.

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