▷ LinkedIn met one of the formations to streamline your marketing strategy

Looking to optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy in 2022? The social network has three new courses at its LinkedIn Marketing Labs learning center. In the program: all key elements for an optimized appearance on LinkedIn and various tools and resources for public relations…

LinkedIn and B2B Marketing

For LinkedIn, France is the 6th market in the world and the 2nd in Europe, a number of users. Alors que le reseau social account 2 million de membres à son ouverture en 2011 dans l’Hexagone, il in a compté 22 million in mai 2021. Le nombre d’utilizateurs actifs menusels y est élelement évalué à 10.7 millions. (Source: Digimind)

Autant dire qu’il s’agit d’une des plateformes essentials pour:

  • Adjust brand awareness;
  • develop your network;
  • Add the prospects and conversions;
  • grow up again

With the constant application of new social networks, LinkedIn is a very useful utility platform. Important, it can be a helpful point of your marketing strategy.

In fact, LinkedIn users’ adventures in B2B marketing are notorious:

  • Second, with more professional links on LinkedIn, companies have the opportunity to provide a quality link on LinkedIn with a range of interesting contacts;
  • LinkedIn features and you are able to be a leader in a specific area;
  • LinkedIn is ideal in the context of social CRM: the ability to better see prospects, customers and other contacts;
  • LinkedIn is more about the individual that comes out of the companies. En tant que tel, c’est un formidable pour vous aider à établir des liens significatifs avec d’autres personae de your sector, ainsi qu’avec des client potentels ou des candidates à un emploi;
  • Lorsque You have an active LinkedIn profile, you can build your position in what you believe is a leader in your industry. At the same time, your subscriptions will be returned to the reference person, you can save more on your specialty.

Linkedin Marketing Labs: des Dédés aux Marketeurs

To learn more about this platform to launch the premiere of your first Linkedin Marketing Labs initiative in January 2021.

By the way, LinkedIn comes to your rescue with three additional courses.

  • Build an organic presence from LinkedIn Pages (20 min): Create and maintain an active LinkedIn page to develop a unique voice.
  • Develop a complete content marketing strategy (30 min): Try to balance the organic content and the paid content for your public guide to all of the client’s courses.
  • Creative concept for LinkedIn (10 min): Concevez des creeations visuallement attrayantes qui incitent les LinkedIn members to interact with your content.

Fourteenth course:

  • A full fade for each element and an additional quantum of context on various differences don’t use LinkedIn’s tools;
  • “Verification of ideas” tests with a series of responses to several multiple tanks in the previous section.

At the end of each section, you will receive a notification of your progress and points of interest as your application courses progress. A word you have filled in with all the elements of the parking lot, you must have a numeric certificate to download in pdf format, more to view your profile.

Post a link to your expertise on LinkedIn

These free courses are available through SkillJar, but you can connect to the help using your LinkedIn identification information.

If you want to stay at the top of the social network to improve your engagement and performance on LinkedIn you can park the courses, you can know how to present the information presented what you would like to know yourself at the time change.

If you want to be a former master of the past, you can also build a web marketing opening social media strategy.

Source: Social Media Today

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