▷ SEO Content 2022 and EAT

Knowing the best SEO trends is essential for better positioning of your website. Below are the right ways to optimize your content for unparalleled SEO. Improving your content by adopting 2022 SEO strategies will help you rank higher in searches on Google. So, what SEO trends can have a positive impact on your content?

content what? EAT?

First, we have the EAT, which forms a set of factors aimed at exponentially improving your content:

E factor

It denotes expertise. Therefore, he is committed to quality content created with expertise and perfect knowledge of the subject. The author must have a good command of the subject he is writing about. The content of his writing must address the topic in a specific, in-depth, and professional manner.

The copywriter has to prove that he has a perfect command of what he is writing about in order to attract more audience. Content that is superficially written and only addresses very little of the essence of the topic should be banned. Otherwise, the copywriter loses credibility in the eyes of Google.

From now on, don’t just limit yourself to dealing with the topic in your newsrooms, but increase your content. Impress your audience by adding bonus material and regularly changing your writing style. However, if you are faced with an inspiration problem, use your old essays by adapting them to the current topic.

The E-Factor highlights all of these points to give your content a better position in searches on Google. We may, in some cases, speak of “tangential” or related content, moving away from purely promotional content to answer a prospect’s question further from the purchase action. If a niche is perceived as too “boring” or narrow, then we talk about generating interest outside of “core branding”, and it is an exciting exercise!

Then the A

It relates to authority. In SEO, Authority earns you the trust of Google. When your content has strong authority, it has the honor of being positioned among the top results in a search. Google assigns a score to your website as a strong authority. This score allows the latter to be named among the best.

In order to achieve sufficiently commendable authority, you need to work on your netlinking method. The latter relates directly to your ability to refer to a website via hyperlinks.

It also refers to your ability to make another website visible with the appropriate keywords. Your backlinks must be of good quality to draw attention to your expertise and genius. However, if you do not excel in this area, you can contact a web agency.

These types of agencies will help you for an affordable web fee that you can easily afford. In turn, you need to benefit from multiple positive reviews to gain sufficient authority.

Trust, the big T

It denotes trustworthiness or simply trust in French. For sufficiently optimized content, you must have the trust of Google after authority. This trust is gained through various criteria. Among these you will find the security characterized by the HTTPS protocol.

Your website’s HTTPS protocol should be error-free and well-done. You must follow and respect all essential and mandatory points for a successful protocol. In order to earn that trust, you then need to have enough positive reviews on your website. It is normal for positive reviews to outnumber negative reviews.

Finally, your website must be legal. It must therefore contain the imprint or a general usage clause. Therefore, if these criteria are met, you have the opportunity to enjoy the trust of Google. In short, for your content to be optimized by Google, it must be high quality, authoritative and reliable.

Therefore, always keep EAT success factors in mind when writing content.

content length

Generally, the content that ranked first in a Google search was at least 1,500 words. Consequently, the word count of your content has a direct impact on its visibility. So the longer the content, the higher the quality for Google. However, does this mean that long content is immediately high-quality and thus reaps the benefits of Google? Obviously not. Your content may be lengthy, but it lacks quality.

To have fairly optimized content, you need to focus on quantity but also on quality. An article with a few words that takes the EAT factor into account will rank higher than a long piece of content without EAT content. It is therefore important to bet on quantity by incorporating the EAT factors in order to have the best possible rankings.

However, it’s not about drowning your audience in a ton of information to put them to sleep. In this case it is important to know how to structure the content Your site in multiple H2 and H3. This strategy makes your text less compact and more readable.

video content

Google made variable and performance improvements related to video search responses. Because of this, it is considered to be one of the best methods you can incorporate into your content to optimize it in 2022. Video content improvements allow Google to effectively analyze a video’s content and then tailor an explanatory response by directing you to the best site.

It’s a growing strategy that continues to prove its worth. Since 2021 it has already been presented as a means of optimizing content. It is important that you invest in this content first in order to appear on the first few pages of Google searches. In 2022 the web traffic watched over this content is growing. It’s around 82%.

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