▷ The 5 strategies to increase your mailing list (automatically)

In this article, I reveal 5 tried and tested strategies for increasing your email list of qualified subscribers. But first, why is it important to create an email list of qualified subscribers? You’ve probably heard it, is money on the list? But why is this phrase so important in the fearless world of digital marketing?

Quite simply, because it is thanks to your newsletter that you transform the maximum of your prospects into customers. A conversion rate that averages 4.2%. And this figure can greatly increase with the right copywriter.

(My last email sequence for a customer had a 13.34% conversion rate.)

It is for this reason that I encourage all my clients and prospects to bet a large part of their strategy on the mailing list and their newsletter …

So with good copywriting, you don’t need to have 1000 subscribers on your mailing list… From 100 people, you start to have an interesting number of sales and the resulting turnover.

However, you need to get your first subscribers! And watch out for not just any one, I’m talking about real fans here. Warm prospects like a PSG fan before a Paris-Marseille match.

It is for this reason that I reveal the 5 strategies to (automatically) increase your email list of qualified subscribers.

1 / The first strategy to increase your mailing list of qualified subscribers (starting tonight)

This is the driving magnet, also called homage. What is it concretely? A gift you give in exchange for an email.

This strategy has become common, but it still works.

However, it doesn’t take just any lead magnet to attract the right people to your email list.

I give you 3 of the most important features. Responds to a DIFFICULT problem: Which means your prospect’s problem must be painful, urgent, and recognized by your prospects.

Don’t make the mistake of creating a lead magnet you want to have, think of your readers first.

  • It wears out easily: the biggest mistake I see are ebooks of more than a hundred pages (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit)… Honestly, who will read it! Your lead magnet must be consumed in a few moments;
  • Bring a quick transformation to your reader. This is an easy transformation to implement in your daily life.

There are also formats that work better than others:

  1. The quiz, because we are curious and have a playful side;
  2. The checklist for your prospect to think of everything;
  3. Templates to save him precious time.

2 / A landing page that converts

When creating your lead magnet, you will need to highlight it to attract as many subscribers to your email list as possible. Your best bet is to use the landing page strategy.

But what is a landing page? And what are these characteristics?

A landing page is a landing page (French translation).

This is a page where the only option is to log out or join your mailing list. There are no other links (apart from your GDPR terms and your terms and conditions).

At the top of this landing page, enter a title that clicks with the main benefit of your lead magnet. Then a trivia subtitle (it always works). Remember to put an image of your guide magnet.

Enter your first call-to-action button to get your subscriber to sign up.

Go further by describing the 3-5 benefits your subscriber acquires by joining your email list.

But also ? Testimonials from people who have already worn your guide magnet.

Prove that you are the right person to support him with copywriting that is who I am.

Finally, enter a call-to-action button again.

3 / The 3rd strategy to increase your email subscriber list

Content creation.

Creating content will be useful to you in every moment of your working life. Content creation allows you to:

  • Make yourself visible (and attract your first customers);
  • Prove your experience (to reassure your future customers);
  • Show your worth (and interest the media);
  • Increase your email subscriber list;
  • And finally, to sell.

It doesn’t matter which format you choose for creating your content: blog, podcast, channel, YouTube … Just think about the call to action for your newsletter subscription.

Create content on the topic covered in your lead magnet (for consistency).

Of course, each of your content must bring value to your potential customers.

To create impactful content for your readers, you obviously need to know your ideal customer by heart and have some methods of escaping the blank page.

4 / Use the power of guest articles

This is my favorite strategy for increasing the number of subscribers to my mailing list. In fact, by having a consistent guest article strategy, I take advantage of the power of other sites in terms of traffic and credibility. So every guest article published allows me to get qualified subscribers to my mailing list.

Don’t underestimate this method. It will make you more credible, you will be visible to more potential customers. It’s just profit for you!

From now on, list the blogs, podcasts, YouTube channel your audience is using, and start contacting certain creators for guest articles.

5 / Social network

Social networks, which I want to highlight, as a strategy to increase your mailing list of qualified subscribers.

They are mainly on the social network Instagram. Thus, I communicate on my guide magnet, through posts, but also stories. I can also highlight the feedback I get on the newsletter.

I can also easily talk about my newsletter when I write it, or when I send it …

The goal of all this? Highlight with each publication the benefits of joining my mailing list.

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