▷ The podcast, a marketing channel that needs to be used

Whether they represent a business or are used for personal branding, podcasts offer a unique and strategic means of communication. Unlike traditional social, print, and online media, content creators can use them to communicate marketing messages to a wider audience, subtly combining them with valuable content while providing entertainment. Find out why you can use podcasting to grow your business…

The growing podcast market

Misunderstandings and lack of communication have long been a problem and a source of frustration for businesses large and small. The desire to expand communication has allowed podcasting, an unfiltered communication method, to take the lead in business and the marketplace. Well-crafted podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient, and intimate way to deliver and produce content and build lasting relationships with your customers, employees, and constituents.

The market is experiencing enormous growth. According to Ipsos, the proportion of monthly podcasts has grown 24% in early 2017 to 37% in Q2 2019. In addition, podcast revenue is growing and growing in popularity.

According to Forbes, “Podcast ad revenue will grow faster than virtually any other form of media in 2020.” A US study of podcast ad revenue also revealed that this media platform’s revenue is nearly $1 billion, for a total revenue of $708 million in 2020 48% year-over-year growth.

Types of branded podcasts

According to Bango Media, there are three types of branded podcasts.

  • The first is brand awareness. This creates an environment for the brand to showcase their area of ​​expertise and build a group of people who support similar missions.
  • The second aligns the topic with the values ​​of a company/customer. Common motivations drive overall advertising and build brand awareness.
  • The third is when a company partners with a company or influencers to promote advertising and sponsorships with the money and creativity of others. The Daily of the New York Times is an example of this as it features interviews with journalists from The New York Times Times and other related interviews.

Reach an existing audience

Using audio files as a marketing channel allows you to communicate directly with your potential attendees. In addition, this medium is not like, for example, an advertising poster that one encounters on the street and ignores. Once the listener clicks play on the podcast, the message is sent directly to them. The benefit of podcasting as a marketing channel is that it captures the message in a different way by making the listener more aware and interested in what they are hearing.

Improve audience engagement

The authenticity provided by the podcasting platform is one way you can improve audience engagement. The human voice is an effective way to engage your audience, which can complement traditional in-person, print, and online media content. It is an excellent platform for communicating product innovations, new services available or customer awareness, for example. It also allows your audience to engage with you in ways that aren’t possible through static web pages. The more you engage with your audience, the more likely they will become your customers and even create a recommendation system for your business.

Why not join?

Again, podcasts are not only entertaining, but also an important advertising platform. Unlike traditional social media, audio content allows listeners to connect with the host because they feel that openness as they engage in storytelling. Using the podcast as a marketing tool gives the recipient the feeling of sitting around the table and joining the conversation wherever they are. Join the podcast trend and start using it as a marketing tool today!

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