1. Book about happiness at work by Mounia Tazi

Happiness in Balance: Achieving Harmony in Work and Life

A graduate of the Academy of Happiness at Work in Denmark, Mounia Tazi has a unique global approach that is the result of personal and professional experience as a media woman and marketing and branding expert. His e-book Happiness at Work: The Key to Longing Success and Productivity is now available in English (VO), French and Mandarin. It is published in audio and print by Author House UK International and Amazon.

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This is indeed a first in Morocco. The book is a practical guide for managers and executives to increase their productivity, that of their teams and the efficiency of their company. In the United States, the impact of well-being and job satisfaction on performance has been estimated. Happiness can be compared to a science… According to a Harvard/MIT study on the impact of positive practices on organizational effectiveness, “Happy employees were half as sick and six times less likely to be absent. They are 31% more productive and 55% more creative.” On the other hand, the American company Gallup estimated that “85% of employees are disconnected from their company, with consequences for the functioning of companies: absenteeism, turnover, demotivation, loss of productivity…”.

In her book, the author and speaker tells about her learning in this area and shares her experiences at the Scandinavian bank SEB Bank in Copenhagen in 2017, which integrated the science of happiness into their management strategy and proved its effectiveness. “As part of my research on this topic, I had the opportunity to interview leading researchers and lecturers from Harvard, Denmark and Bhutan in the field of positive psychology and happiness, an experience I would like to share. In this book I draw on my personal experience and passion for wellbeing at work to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating happiness into business strategy and offering to my English and French speaking audience what I hope to bring to the topic. I wanted everything to be explained in a simple, educational and pragmatic way,” says Mounia Tazi.

In about sixty pages of realistic techniques and advice, the book provides the essential tools to support managers and organizations in their quest for performance in other ways. “Happiness at Work: The Key to Sustained Success and Productivity” is intended to be an action plan. “Appealing to both the mental and the spiritual, the author seeks to guide her audience in their quest for happiness, offering clear and accessible solutions,” say her voice actors.
The 5 chapters that make up the book each concisely address a question of wellbeing across pedagogy and aim to go beyond the beliefs that would limit thinking. The first introduces well-being and the power of gratitude. The second relates to achieving job satisfaction. The third was devoted to the role of management in labor productivity. The fourth deals with asserting positivity as part of a strategy. Finally, the expert on the last question provides a series of tips for creating happiness.

About the author

Mounia Tazi is the first Chief Officer of Happiness in Morocco. In Morocco, she further developed as a marketing manager for programs and the development of local events. In 2016, after earning a certification in positive psychology, Mounia completed a CHO training in Copenhagen. She becomes the first Chief Officer of Happiness in Morocco. Mounia founded Happynation Boost, a happiness at work movement, to raise awareness of the benefits of happiness for employee health and corporate health. The expert also accompanies young startups to help future generations and share their knowledge and skills. Mounia Tazi owes several interventions on this subject, at conferences in Morocco abroad, notably at the Happiness Summit Miami and eBay New York. Mounia holds an Executive MBA in Management and Leadership CPA France, a Master’s degree in Communication for political, private and public organizations and a degree in Linguistics.

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