10 key figures and 5 trends for 2022

The 6th edition of the Social Trends report has been published by Hootsuite. The study is based on a real-world survey conducted by the platform among 18,100 marketers, observers and companies in the third trimester of 2021. The names of the parties are also part-time and 5 trends in social media are identified: brand, advertising to social media, ROI, Social Commerce and Customer Care. The aim of the report: to discover or explore the way of etiquette, to support the emerging sports and the major social platforms in 2022, as well as to help digital marketing professionals to think about the strategy of social research.

The 10 most important figures from social media for 2022

Our suggestions for a list of 10 essential dates not to miss in Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2022 report:

  1. Facebook is the most effective social platform for engaging in commerce objects for 62% of marketers, Instagram (49%) and LinkedIn (40%). TikTok realizes 700% retention, exceeding 3% in 2020 to 24% in 2021 to rank 6th.
  2. Instagram includes social media on the list of respondents investing in 2022 (48%), Facebook (47%) and YouTube (44%). They are 36% in favor of increasing their budgets for TikTok and 38% in favor of maintaining their current investments in this region.
  3. For 47% of them, budgets affecting Snapchat and Clubhouse should be maintained, which means WhatsApp (46%) and Pinterest (44%).
  4. Only 10% of those surveyed have expressed an interest in paying for ads (vs. 29% of recent respondents). Entire concert especially small companies (75%).
  5. Close to 1 marketer in 2 (48%) has a social advertising strategy integrated with other marketing activities such as TV spots, television, print, Google Ads and/or public relations.
  6. According to experts, 83% are confident in their ability to measure the ROI of their social issues efforts (vs. 68% on average). 14% say they are very confident (up from 7% in 2020).
  7. 46% of marketers use native social networking platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to collect and integrate data sources. This number is in the strength of the 12 most recent (up from 62% in 2020). On the other hand, 36% are ministering to other animals, a trend towards one in a strong house (up from 21% in 2020).
  8. Brand awareness remains the top goal for marketers on social media (53%), ahead of acquisition (47%) and conversion (46%).
  9. Producing original content and creations on responses from social representatives represents the top challenge in 2022 for more than 1 in 2 respondents (51%), ahead of declaring organic reach (43%) and integrating data (34%) . .
  10. Experimenting with new content and formats of original ads provided an opportunity to get excited about what is unique about the industry (14%). Derrière, on retrouve l’utilisation des reseaux sociaux pour générer des conversions (E-Commerce, Social Shopping) et le development of the impact of social media on other divisions of enterprise (Commerce, RH, Product Development), all equal to two ( 12%).

Creating communities in online connection and permanence

Because of the brand’s strategy on social networks, Hootsuite is often notorious for the development of the communautés in line with the future. The platforms are currently launching new messages, modeled on the “Communications” feature in the development path of WhatsApp and the reviews of Twitter communities, which were modeled on Facebook groups.

The car chargers of 2022 are also being considered several times by the digital communities. They are always attached to brands that connect to new public places, in addition to having exclusive access to their products and services to trust them and increase their exposure. But there’s nothing exciting about planting a church in some part of the river. In addition to the typology, the content creators represent the keyword for the brands, alongside the help of these online communities. Your role is crucial to better identify your target, simplify content creation and create affinity with the brand.

Look for active online activities and engagements with current interests in your product category. (…) In an appeal to the creators to exploit these circles, you will not know and be able to appreciate the value, you will be able to attract new public information, you will be interested in your cultural interest and you will be interested in it I recommend you more than your customers in your report.

More social media trends for 2022 Selon Hootsuite

The Social Trends report published by Hootsuite devoile reveals 4 more trends for social media in 2022:

  • Advertising on social media: Alors que les professionnels du marketing ont l’intention de dépenser plus de budget publicitaire sur les plateformes sociales, les consommateurs Attendent qu’ils summarizes preuve de plus de creativité, en proposant du content qui reflète et permette d’enrichir d’enrichir l’ experience offered by the brand.
  • The ROI: The social is more or less the most important thing in marketing. If you have the opportunity to influence other areas of the business, such as market owners, start an advocacy program, master social listening, and learn more about getting more information from customers.
  • Social Trade: You also know the number of findings in the explosive media, this trend tends to be the source of post-pandemic experiences. Si les grandes enterprises testeront les limits du social commerce, les petites structure redoubleront d’efforts pour augmenter leurs conversions directement sur les platesformes sociales.
  • The customer care: to respond to the demand and meet the needs of our customers, the responsible social media, which are in the first place, to have the opportunity to play an important role in solving the problems and the organizations for en ameliorant leur service client to direct.

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