10 LinkedIn profiles to find your company on the job market

She is on the road or on the street, on the environment, on the business of the future of work and the partner of the general councils of the community. Explore the many young professionals on LinkedIn to make ends meet in the job market, increase your insertion and find your life purpose!

1. Karim Hechmi, CEO of FindYourWay, 33,600 subscribers

After studying law, Karim Hechmi alias Tonton Karim on LinkedIn, stay in the real estate industry for short-term rentals, at the C&L agency, brief visit to the Linklaters law firm, recruitment advice before the cabinet meeting. In 2015 the FindYourWay Fund, an agency of the Republic of Croatia, was established, which is connected to many companies, students and alumni.

“I organize more than 70 events at business schools, engineers and universities to support students studying the market”, peut-on lire sur sa bio. Plus the 33,500 people living on the mound for Karim Tonton’s recruitment councils at 9:30am.

2. Pierre Allain, Talent Acquisition Manager, 24,700 subscribers

He is Talent Acquisition Manager at Wink, a start-up developing recruitment logic. In your LinkedIn posts, analyze the job market, what’s new in practice, and the goals that await you.

What are you «To ban super boring practices from the world at the time of the recruitment process? And the list: “The letter of motivation, the announcements without salary, the obligatory tie suit, the references of references to a unique sense, the events in fashion controller Colombo…” To the resilience, the distillery of recruiter councils, but also to addressing the candidates, with suggestions to be dismissed in the introduction or included on LinkedIn.

3. Samuel Durand, future of work documentary author, 10,400 subscriptions

After his course at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Samuel Durand was able to integrate a large company, have a comfortable CDI and have a steady salary. It is preferable to be independent and explore what your future is. At the age of 25 there are two types of documents and one BD on the subject (ed. Eyrolles, 2022). It is almost always the most important newsletter “Future Ticket”.

In social networks, the history of the history of salaries, entrepreneurs and freelancers at work. It is also at the forefront of the initiatives and practices that have led to the development of these years: digital nomadism, asynchronous work, weekly news, holiday offers…

4. Claire Pétreault, Employee and President of Pépites Vertes, 9,600 subscriptions

Diplômée de Sciences Po, Claire Pétreault, 27 years old and this is the title of the communication of the Salon to influence ChangeNOW for two years after more experience in Cocycler, Voxe, le Drenche, la Ruche qui dit Oui. Depuis September 2020, elle a lancé son propre média “Les pépites vertes” sur les reseaux sociaux (LinkedIn and Instagram, surtout).

Goal: bring light into the darkness “A community of young people from the ecological transition to help young people to orient themselves towards their goals”. This rising figure of the “Climate Generation” is an element created by the Pépites Verte association that verifies and delimits the range of green works. She’s 100% better than that.

5. Imane Bounouh, creator of Grimpe and Stagnation in the European Parliament, 7,800 subscriptions

At the time of entering the Masters of IAE Paris-Sorbonne Business School in 2019, Imane Bounouh started the Instagram account “Recipes Echelon 7” (referring to the season of exchanges, the epoch of plus elevé). She and, of course, shared the recipes to forego four.

La jeune femme originaire du Mans a mis en suspense ce compte et en a lance un autre, Grimpe, debut 2021. Sa devise? «On galère et on grimpe ensemble. » Survival more than 100,000 people on Instagram, they review the helpful students to pretend and share their advice to expand their studies and enter the world of work.

6. Victoria Guillomon, animator of the podcast New OEil et auteur de “Ce qu’on n’apprend pas à l’école”, 7,700 subscriptions

INSEEC graduate, Victoria Guillomon, 23 years old to be preferred “Thank you for taking a CDI to multiply the projects from my mission: to develop a generation in this spirit”.

As? In such a student, born on the board of a company of general culture in the rooms of the past, she was able to write a book “Ce que l’on n’apprend pas à l’école” (ed. Kiwi , 2021). His podcast Nouvel OEil donne la parole à des personalités inspirantes comes from Eva Sadoun (Impact France), Raphaël Glucksmann (Place publique) or Maxime de Rostolan (Fermes d’avenir). Identification mark: son micro jaune.

7. Jasmine Manet, Director General, YouthForever Association, Vocation Media Creation, 6,000 subscriptions

Franco-britannique de 25 ans, Jasmine Manet is engaged for la jeunesse. Diploma of Master of Entrepreneurship from HEC in 2020, the basis of the annual appointment, a medium of professional orientation. objective? Guide the young students and young players in their career debut. The community has more than 30,000 young people (newsletter and podcast).

Suivie par presque 6,000 personsnes on LinkedIn, elle partage les difficulties, inquiétudes et aspirations des jeunes au travail. Jasmine Manet has been the Executive Director of ONG Youth Forever since 2021.

8. Camille Berteau, co-founder of parfaitpourcejob.com and maintenantjaimelelundi.fr, 2,300 subscriptions

Diplômée de TBS Education, l’école de commerce de Toulouse, Camille Berteau is a hyperactive person. Elle dirige avec Miguel Munoz de maintenantjaimelelundi.fr, a platform for «reverse» recruitment, without CV and letter of motivation, où les candidates indiquent leurs skills. Also for business, stay, contact.

Do your job, train your co-creator YouTube Parfait pour ce job, o et elle et son Associate tests depuis 2018 des métiers qui les inspirent (agriculteur, pilote, avocat, kiné, psychologue (), discutent d’orientation and professional reconversion . Plus, you can complement your entrepreneurial experience with e-auxilium, an information company founded in 2012.

9. Jeanne Deplus, responsible for the transformation of Enedis and creator of the TAF podcast, 2,600 subscriptions

After three years of meeting with companies on RH and Management topics, Jeanne Deplus repeats her studies with a Master of Human Resources and Transformations of Work from IAE Gustave Eiffel. A lively formation can be found with Enedis, a young woman in the “Management Transformation” district of the Paris Regional Directorate.

In parallel, the anime “TAF” is a podcast on the future of work that was created in 2020. Two of them, as micro-entrepreneurs or experts in human resources, invite you to a permanent 1-hour discussion.

10. Jessica Calautti, youth coach, 2,200 subscriptions

As an orientation professional, Jessica Calautti is a certified coach. She is in the foundation of Tandem Agile, a structure that will find its place 15-25 years later and can only be found after you. Career, sobriety, motivation, motivational strategies, emotion management, work ethic… you have a non-exhaustive list of preschool topics. The young woman shared a link to LinkedIn videos “inspired” by youth interested in re-orientation.

Detention of a DUT in the management of companies and administrations, Jessica Calautti, to pursue her studies in Finance and Marketing at the IAE de Nice before starting a Masters in Management and Corporate Strategy. His courses do not end with the young woman completing professional training as a web marketing specialist at Schema in addition to coaching training.


This list must be found before content creators choose specific categories and topics. Thanks to the team of LinkedIn data scientists, the journalists of the social network are more critically accustomed to the selected profiles: the person poste-t-elle regulièrement? Are your posts relevant, educational, and engaging? Have you developed and mobilized a community? Want to share the tips you need for the promotion?

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