10 new features to discover in WordPress 6.0

With 41% presence on all websites in the world, WordPress it is the most used CMS. This web page creation tool allows professionals to manage the content of their platforms.

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After the release of version 5.9 earlier this year, a new version is planned for the May 24, 2022. This is WordPress version 6.0 which is already available in beta. Pending the release of the stable version, you can already test the updates made. As you might expect, new things are on the way.

1— Style editing options

In previous versions, changing the style of a page in WordPress meant completely changing the theme. But with the version 6.0, it will be easier for you to customize styles through blocks. You no longer have to make a major change to the look of your website to fit on a single page. The update includes a theme blocks which makes it possible. The style of each page could then be changed by a specific block. This option will save professional developers headaches. Less experienced users will also be able to customize the different pages of their websites without affecting the general theme.

2— Saving the style options

You can now save the style changes made by bocs. The settings will be saved for later use. This will allow you to go faster in customizing without repeating the same maneuvers. WordPress version 6.0 will then allow you save your styles he preferred to apply them if necessary. This is a feature that takes into account both blocks and available buttons. With this option, the interaction between blocks becomes smoother and simplifies editor management.

3— Support for web font APIs

To change your themes, you can now choose font styles other than those programmed by default in the editor. This long-requested feature by users arrives in the new version. The WordPress Web Fonts API system will allow developers to have various options when it comes to choosing fonts. The Local Character API such as PHP or theme.json will be supported in WordPress. This paves the way for the use of various styles and further pushes the customization of web pages. Through this system, developers will be able to securely associate third-party fonts with WordPress themes. The text and styles of the website can thus be adapted to the needs.

4— Integration of new models

This new version of WordPress also marks the arrival of new templates. From the blocks, you will be able to do it edit date, author, categories, tags and taxonomy. This list is in addition to the templates that have already been integrated into the next version. The update makes it easier to check the content between blocks. The modification of these models also goes in the direction of customization. These are new management tools that are made available to users of the CMS The most popular. Template navigation has also improved in WordPress 6.0.

5— Improved design tools

The colors, texts and images it can be modified with new integrated tools. Version 6.0 of WordPress offers a new color panel and advanced transparency options. You will now be able to tweak new layout options as new variations arrive. Among other things, management by stack and by row will be available. For images, you will be able to define a favorite or featured image in a cover block with size control options. the gallery box it is developed again, but with the support of space. In the new version, other tools are also available to better manage the appearance of your web pages. From the new editor you will find a multitude of options.

6— Integration of new blocks

In the beta and probably the stable version, users will be able to discover new blocks. Comments, Author Bio, Additional Information, No Results in Query Loop, and Avatar are among others the added components. They are part of the block categories that will allow users to add documentation to content before it goes online. References can be filled in in these boxes to make a web page more complete and relevant. If you are already using the beta version, don’t hesitate to try these blocks which will allow you to make your content more interesting. This makes it easier to answer some frequently asked questions from visitors.

7— Multiple selection option

In previous versions, changing the set could cause problems. It was necessary to select the text of each block in isolation and this became restrictive in the long run. But now you will be able to select the text in the different blocks at the same time. This multiple selection option will save you time and make it easier to make changes to your texts.

8— Lock user interface

After adding the blocks that you need regularly for editing, you can leave these options locked. Moving or deleting blocks was possible and some users sometimes do it by mistake. To avoid these inconveniences, the user interface can be locked according to your preferences. You now have the option to disable the block editing option in your editor. You will be able to maintain more control over lock management by re-enabling it if necessary.

9— Improved list view

WordPress 6.0 comes with a collapsed view by default. This new option will make it easier for you to see all your content. Of new keyboard shortcuts it will also allow users to select a multitude of blocks together. You can make changes to these blocks by performing bulk actions. You can delete or reposition them all at once.

10— Improved general ergonomics

The new version of the WordPress CMS looks more intuitive and promises a better user experience. Existing tools have new options and other additions make the editor more ergonomic. WordPress still respects its roadmap here by planning the launch of this version which marks the evolution towards the Complete site modification (FSE). The user now has several possibilities to adapt all elements of a web page.

All these new features can be tested even if the new version is still under development. In a few weeks, users will be able to enjoy the stable version and the full potential of WordPress 6.0.

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