10 programs for publishers and editors of your posts on social media resources

Agorapulse: a notice of your social rights

Social media ratings are responsible: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. L’outil is one of the most comprehensive markets responding to the importance of a social media strategy: programming and publishing, hosting news, subscriptions and comments, branding and reporting reporting with KPIs, organic and paid publishing.

Tariffs: Agorapulse is available for 10 sets for 2 users, some from €79 per month. A second offer of €159 per month for 25 accounts for 4 users. A free version of this test, no credit card required.

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Crowdfire: a planning and content analysis tool

The platforms include plans for social media posts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The author can publish his publications in addition to the following articles and will also have a section dedicated to the content of the news with the possibility of using the RSS feed manually. The messages sent by the subscribers are centralized and it is possible to reply to the tweets of the lesques you mentioned right next to the platform.

Tariffs: Crowdfire offers a free version for a maximum of 3 accounts and programs 10 posts per account. An initial offer of $9.99 per month offers 5 accounts and the ability to program 100+ releases per account. The $49.99 per month offer can be added to the price of 10 tickets.

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Social Pilot: an effective solution for teamwork

Responsible for the platforms social media are the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Tumblr, VK and TikTok. The functions available to the user are: programming and publishing, management of collaborating clients’ accounts, statistics of effective posts, RSS flow for the effect of much efficiency and display of thematic tendencies and aux top influencers of your sector.

Plans: Social Pilot offers a $25 per month offer for 25 accounts (3 users), a $41.66 offer for 50 accounts (5 users), and a $83.33 per month offer for 100 accounts (10 users ). A version of this 14-day version is available without counting as a credit card.

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Swello: an intuitive French solution for programming posts

Swello is at the forefront of programming social media content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. With a Swello account, you can easily create 15 different profiles and use user-suggested images or GIFs to integrate them into your publications. Via the CSV file import it is possible to program tweets in a few minutes.

Plans: Swello available for an initial offer of €9.90 per month for 5 accounts for 1 user, another offer of €29.90 for the purchase of 15 accounts for 5 users. There are more measures for companies that have more than 15 profiles for more than 5 users. A free version of this test.

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Buffer: a publication tool and analysis of social research

The social media ratings responsible for the platform are the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Buffer proposes two solutions: Publish for programming and publishing of all your accounts and Analyze for the analysis of performances of chacun de vos reseaux sociaux et l’elaboration de rapports complets. The author can work in a team, which allows the possibility of changes to a publication of a colleague or a member of the comments.

Plans: For the Publish solution, Buffer offers up to $15 per month for 8 accounts (1 user), one at $65 per month for 8 accounts (2 users), and one at $99 per month for 25 accounts (6 users) on. The analytics solution is available for up to $35 per month for an analysis of 8 accounts and generates a range of reports. You can test this version without a credit card.

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Hootsuite: a platform reconstructed in the market

Hootsuite centralizes the creation of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The platform has functional features: auto-scheduler for publisher content automatically with persistent credentials, collaborative calendar, centralized inbox to receive community messages, veil function and performance analysis function. The Hootsuite Ads service is also available for sponsored publications.

Tariffs: Hootsuite proposes 3 offers, one of €25 per month for 10 sets (1 user), one of €109 per month for 20 sets (3 users), one of €599 per month for 35 sets (plus 5 users). A 30-day version is available. A free version with 3 accounts for 3 users, in a program of 30 publications.

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Sendible: a tool for creating popular accounts

The social media are charged by the platform for the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google My Business and Facebook Ads. The main features of the user are the following: intelligent programming and publishing, image libraries and RSS flow, calendar partagé, social listening for your brand or a client’s brand with a class of mentions by sentiment (negative, neutral, positive ), mapping of Games for team staff and statistics and statistics models.

Plans: Sendible is available for €24 per month for 12 bills (1 user). The platform only offers an offer of €84 per month for 48 accounts (3 users), an offer of €184 per month for 105 accounts and a change of €274 per month for a total of 192 accounts. This version has been available for 14 days.

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Onlypult: a complete social media building platform

Onlypult the possibility to receive the media Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok is also available on Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, VK and Odnoklassniki. L’util proposes 3 solutions: a solution to plan the effectiveness of content, a solution to create micro-landing pages through an intuitive editor, and a monitoring solution to monitor brands and their goals.

Plans: Onlypult offers an initial offer of $15 for 3 accounts (1 user), an offer of $25 for 7 accounts (2 users), an offer of $49 for 20 accounts (3 users), and another $79 for 40 accounts Accounts (5 users). A version of this test is approved free of charge for 7 days.

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Sprout Social: a social media portal for the big companies

The social media are supercharged by the platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. The principle’s functionalities are: programming and publishing, publishing times management, workflow for approval of team collaborators, social listening to monitor trends and the nature of competition, and analysis of performances. Sprout Social also helps centralize Facebook, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, and Facebook posts.

Plans: Sprout Social has a premium of up to $99 per month for 5 accounts and counts towards content plan functionality. For more options, pay an additional $149 per month for more than 10 accounts and benefit from optimized programming and content as well as advance notices on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A 30-day version without a credit card is available.

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eclincher: an intuitive platform to plan your content

eclincher permet of all the components suivants: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business. You can publish the content in the following ways: personalization of publications in the collections function, visual calendar, free image libraries, videos and animated gifs. The user can post more interesting hours for you. In addition, the user has a social listening function, a collaboration function for teamwork and a Chrome extension for publishers with the content provided on a website.

Plans: Offer up to $59/month for 10 accounts (1 user), once for $119/month for 20 accounts (3 users), and once for $219/month for 40 accounts (6 users). A 14-day version is available without a credit card.

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