10 tips for creating effective Instagram ads

Do you have your own business and want to advertise? But where to invest the budget in 2022? Facebook ? Tic knock? Youtube? Google ? The local press, maybe the radio? SEO too? PR? It is not easy to decide. But in this article, we give you the keys to creating effective Instagram ads. According to the social network, 50% of Instagrammers have visited a website to purchase a product / service after seeing it in a story. Advertising on Instagram works and, above all, you can consider different formats to give free rein to your creativity and, above all, to do your A / B tests.

Quick overview of 10 strategies to help your copywriter create a great Instagram ad that attracts … and converts.

1. Get your projects in the right format

It works and is reflected upstream. Instagram is no longer simply the home of the first square formats. Contest from Snapchat and TikTok, all formats are now possible. The square format 1: 1, 16/9 and 4/5. Each format corresponds to an intention, each format corresponds to a place of distribution! Are you more stories? News ? Real?

This first tip will help you write a clear brief for your creativity. This is the first question to ask: where will this content go? ” therefore ” what are the correct dimensions? “. “Tips: Don’t ignore the ⅘ format, it takes up space on the surfer’s surf. “adds Clément Platteau, CEO of PICKERS.

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2. Apply the 3V rule

Do you know the 3V rule? Videos, videos and videos! This is the watchword if you want high performance. Even if your video is just a GIF, it’s still a video. The numbers show that video performs better than static content. According to data from promo.com, video posts and ads generate 38% more interactions. Additionally, 91% of active Instagram respondents say they watch videos weekly on the platform, according to Business Instagram. Our advice: go to the video!

Often overlooked by BTOB actors, video is also a great way to perform. We preferred the video format (GIF or recording) for the Room Saveurs advertiser (meal tray actor). The video format records the best campaign results. ” explains Clément Platteau.

3. An Instagram ad? Yes, but for what?

Have you ever seen plain photos in your feed, a square photo redirecting to an influencer profile? With nothing to sell? He was an influencer who spent money “boost a post”, with the simple goal of gaining more visibility and getting more likes. But as a marketer, what’s your goal? Do you have a notoriety goal (reach)? Conversion? Direct sales? Click? Once you start creating your Instagram ad, you’ll need to choose your campaign goal from the tool.

Depending on the goal, the creative angle can be completely different. For example, for the advertiser Les Petits Bidons, we set up campaigns with a traffic target on specific creatives “Blog”. The intent: to generate low-cost qualified traffic which will then feed sales campaigns with data. According to digital marketing agency PICKERS, it is at this point in the creation of an Instagram campaign that anything can go wrong and that the budget can be badly spent. Before you go headlong, define your goal!

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4. A multitude of possibilities

Over the years, the Instagram advertising tool has become more complex, but above all it has offered companies more and more possibilities. Variety of formats, variety of places, calls to action and variety of what you can see on screen. Do you know interactive ads? For example, brands can now incorporate surveys within a creative to increase creative engagement.yearnonceur Leclerc used it to promote organic products. The survey makes it possible to highlight an affordable offer compared to the perception of consumers who consider organic products as expensive products. “ specifies Clément Platteau, CEO of the aforementioned social ad agency.

5. The most difficult? Create an effective slide cap!

If you’re like most Instagram users, you’ve already been involved in endless scrolling. We connect and after ten minutes we are still scrolling. A good Instagram ad stands out from the others because it puts an end to the scroll: it is captivating, intriguing, stands out in the colors, in the tone, in the shape. And this, from the first 2 seconds if it is a video. Example of the advertiser Funky Veggie with PICKERS who bet for Candlemas on a creation that highlights the gourmet aspect of his product “OUF”. A sliding cap that makes you hungry and adds value to the product. What strategy can you put in place to stop infinite scrolling?

6. Your media buyer is one of the pillars of the success of your Instagram campaign

Good advertising is created for a specific audience: it makes no sense to try to aim wide for a commercial for dental prostheses, osteoarthritis or aquarium cleaning products. Try to contextualize your creations as much as possible and, above all, to target your prospects well: define your target well! The role of the media buyer is fundamental, because it is he who will optimize your targeting and your expenses. Example of the advertiser Les Nouveaux Affineurs with PICKERS and creation of specific creations “cholesterol” for cholesterol hearings. Simple but effective.

7. Try all the new formats

There was a time when Instagram launched IGTV. The stories. The royals. The social network is alive, it is adapting … and we advise you to do the same. As in politics, let’s talk about the drip theory: Instagram is making great marketing efforts with the biggest influencers to adopt the new formats. If the largest accounts are started, the rest will follow. Likewise, many observers have warned of a slowdown in some formats in favor of reels, Instagram’s latest short video tool. ” Go with the flow », And you will be rewarded! Why ? Because the new formats are generally less bottled up in terms of advertisers, and you’ll have a great opportunity to get your creations working.

As proof, the words of Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram: “Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. People go to Instagram to have fun, the competition is tough and we need to do more about it. And that means there will be a change. “

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8. Best practice to adopt: create the advertising tracking file

Seeing ads pass is good for you. But archiving them, to find them faster, is even better! Screenshots, video recordings: the more you practice daily, the clearer your briefs for Designer / Editor and Art Director will be! The digital marketing agency PICKERS also offers its clients an exclusive social ad tracking file.

9. Always test yourself!

This is the rule of thumb for anyone who has read Claude Hopkins’ advertising classic, Scientific Advertising. Advertising is not just art, beautiful images and magic words. They are mainly results, analyzed in a scientific way. Does visual A perform better than visual B with the same text? Does text A convert better than text B with the same visual element?

And what happens when we try a visual C and a text C? The Instagram ad maker allows you to track the results, analyze them and see what yours are ” winner “. And when you have a winner … it will be time to test a version D! The rule is to iterate constantly to avoid advertising fatigue as much as possible (that moment when potential customers don’t. see even more your ads). Surprise them, try new formats!

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10. A good, well-stocked refrigerator is always useful!

A sick designer / editor. Summer holidays. Change of position. Is your organization turned upside down for an X or Y reason, and suddenly you have no more new products to test online? Or worse: are your new creations converting really badly? In this case, always keep “refrigerator” creations. In PICKERS, the teams always recommend having 1-2 media kits in advance. Every 6 or 9 months, you can retransmit them for one or two weeks, to guarantee a minimum of sales, traffic, notoriety (depending on the chosen goal).

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