10 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Trop souvent, the LinkedIn profile is a tool to be able to take working hours into account, even during the day. It does not reflect the professional reality of his ownership and it does not reflect his competencies. Level up to assert your competencies, measure your worth, and make your experience matter more in a numerical identity gap. Your LinkedIn profile can serve your online presence and not back! N’oublions pas qu’il est possible de se faire “chasser” sur le réseau. If you’re in a proactive business of link exploration, LinkedIn will handle much of your strategy. Get 10 points to progress and optimize your profile.

A professional photo you are in bravery

The fashion of the CV anonymous to the elderly. Quoi qu’on en pense, les recruiteurs reflect on your photo, l’analyseront et entirront des conclusions sur your capacité à repondre aux missions du poste. You can take selfies, take photos with your webcam, take holiday photos and take photos in your drawing room or your room! Soy professional, habillez-vous en conséquence, et n’hésitez pas to make an appeal to a professional or take a quality photo to think about a neutral fund. Pensez also à sourire et à vous montrer sous votre plus beau jour. Trouver un employ, c’est also réussir à “seduire” le / la recruiteur.

Integrate a banner to reorder your profile

LinkedIn has an upcoming uploader for the latest model that covers Twitter and Facebook. The recommended size is 1400*425 pixels. Arrière-plan permet de faire ressortir votre profil i soigne l’apparence de celui-ci.

Create a summary of your presenter profile profile

The first section with a text visitor on your profile is the Summary part. It can contain a synthesis of your professional profile, your experiences and your envy. It also reflects your situation in the market: in the veil, in the post, in an active search enc. In addition, you assume your quality and your insights. Ne soyez pas pour autant trop long, il faut que le visiteur ait envie de lire la section “expérience”.

Prove your findings

This is an integral part of the links in the articles you are interested in and uploads a file that is in the process of your work. The opportunities to “test” your realizations are most important. C’est le meilleur moyen de mettre en avant votre travail. Don’t hesitate to integrate your Slideshare presentations. If you have a blog or personal web presence, you cannot post ahead of time.

Describe your experiences and projects

The “Experience” section is of course the most important. Find out at the time of the “taguer” of the desired companies in the LinkedIn database. Pensez à bien detailler vos missions (sans pour autant rentrer dans des details not interesting) et surtout à aborder le projects sur lesquels vous avez travaillé. Details of your projects and deliverables will be your best business card: site launch, CA expansion, property evaluation…

Focus on your experiences and more

When he has little experience, he intends to do everything. Sauf quo vos veperieur de vendeur en grande surface ou de monitor of colonies de vacances n’ont pas vraiment d’interétê. Plus your experiential experience, plus the “mining” experience leading to the stages of internet failure. It cannot summarize your notable influencers and put you in front of your main experiences. And the most interesting.


share content

On LinkedIn is a resume and online service, but the service is becoming more and more useful for content management. Without flooding your restaurant, it’s interesting to share the fruits of your choice in your specialty. This aspect of the restaurant’s content is becoming more and more included in the avenue.

Monitor your expertise on your industry groups

The LinkedIn groups are non-existent: spam, auto-promos, unmoderated posts from recruits and industry players. This is important, but it is important that you mention these actors in the past or in the current part of the discussions. Encourage a lot, make sure you have intellectual intelligence. But it is a networker, a spammer.

Recommend vos pairs, and ils vous recommendont

It is true that the limitations of the exercise are obvious and that the recommendations are not worth all relatives, they can only be used to measure your experience and competence in value. If the competence recommendations are in the form of quasi-automatic and not due to import, the recommendations are written by N+1 or other managers according to the quality of your profile.

N’oubliez pas que LinkedIn is SOCIAL

Share on LinkedIn how you can IRL: discuss, share, debate… More natural nature. Avoid inundating or harassing your contacts that you are looking for a counterproductive job. Enfin, your solution is based on the regulation of durability, upkeep and enrichment. Don’t wait to change your post! LinkedIn read more plus plus space in the social dimension, in discussion and content. Benefit!

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