# 14 AdTech: the protagonists of April 2022 (by Frédéric Sadarnac, Ratecard)

By Frédéric Sadarnac, co-founder of Ratecard

For the mega-Grand Prix of the Ratecard Stars in April, our eminent jury hesitated for a long time between two personalities without finally being able to decide. On the one hand, Emmanuel Macron who managed to get re-elected when less than six years ago was still queuing like everyone else at the ministry canteen on the day of the Mexican menu. On the other hand, Elon Musk, who nevertheless took it into his head to buy Twitter for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars, which objectively represents a good bundle of wheat, especially if we remember that it is his pocket money. We therefore hesitated and finally asked to review the copy at a later time because we are particularly demanding in Ratecard. Will Emmanuel be able to get the majority for real? Will Elon really be able to raise all the money? When in doubt, we therefore preferred to press the pause button and focus on those who made the digital marketing market in April 2022. That said, our two protagonists assured us that they would do their utmost to be present at our Ratecard Stars awards ceremony on Thursday 17th November.

Accentura struggle

Great inspiration for Accenture Interactive (Olivier Mazeron) which becomes Accenture Song. A question to understand why? Know that it would appear – according to Accenture communications staff – that “the name Accenture Song evokes an enduring and universal form of human formation, connection, inspiration, technical skill and experience – freeing the imagination and ideas of its collaborators so that they can offer tangible results “. Accenture Struggle works too
Great creativity also on the part of Mediacom (Alexandra Chabanne) and Essence since their merger gives EssenceMediacom probably after hesitating for a long time with MediacomEssence. But it still counts a point in the Rebranding category because it doesn’t happen every day to change your name.

Craving for strawberries

Tagadamedia (Eric Bennephtali) continues its purchases by acquiring Mediazeen (Guillaume Josse). We do not know the extent of the operation, but we do know that the small media group is slowly but surely starting to take the hair of the beast. A model ? Probably Reword Media (Jeremy Parola) which, moreover, never stops continuing its development with this time an offer on the Psychology Group. But be careful, cf. our premise, to really collect a point, it will be necessary to go to the end of the operation otherwise a penalty would be officially applied due to an announcement without follow-up.

prize money

AdTech continues to juggle dollars like a punk dog with flaming torches. We wonder every time when he will end up crashing and in the end we are surprised by so much agility. All of this to say that Ogury bought Motionly for an undisclosed amount while OpenWeb took over Adyoulike for the hefty sum of $ 100 million. We will not fail to ask you, during our Stars evening on November 17th, how much our friends Julien Verdier, Yohan Elmaalem and Damien Peponnet have recovered in a personal capacity even if obviously it was not the goal of this sale. With these coins they will be able to imitate the founders of Adikteev, Emilien Eychenne and Xavier Mariani, who have just invested 5 million dollars in Tempr (Cloé Dana) through this company.

Offers in-you-want-here

If all these technological workshops finally manage to make good capital outflows it is also and above all because they continue to accumulate contracts and therefore probably respond to real customer problems.

So by choice:

  • Weborama (Mykim Chikli) with Le Bon Coin (Fabien Scolan) who then renewed their DMP
  • Criteo (Nathalie Bellaiche) partnering with Dailymotion (Bichoï Bastha) to monetize their Display and Video inventories
  • Audion (Arthur Larrey, Sébastien Damande) who will install his PrintAudio solution at Webedia (Caroline Duret, Antoine Meunier)
  • Castorama (Romain Roulleau) and Brico Dépôt (Peggy Sadier) who have chosen CitrusAd (Tanguy Le Falher) to manage Retail Media.

If with all these solutions you fail to monetize your digital inventories, it is possible that in the end you are lacking some quality audience.

The world is Yours

To have some class, what’s better than reading Le Monde. From now on, we can even be smart twice, since the newspaper its readers like to call “reference” is now available in English. Bravo Jérôme Fenoglio! A little tip from a star: read the original version (attention, there is a trap) abroad and the English one on a bench in the Tuileries garden, for example. All with a glass of rosé in hand.


Will it also have the honor of being translated into David Beckham’s language? Meanwhile, Yannick Ichane’s book “Perception is everything, 15 principles for becoming the best version of yourself” is already available everywhere. And since his name does not indicate, it was in fact written in French.

Some like to show

Here we are now on the side of the job changes that have marked this month of April. But beware of the friends mentioned, it would neither be fired quickly nor go elsewhere to check if the grass is greener. Ditto, you would be immediately sanctioned unless of course the next pasture was objectively more welcoming. By heart, no one had made fun of Yves Montand when he dumped Simone Signoret for Marilyn Monroe. The reference is certainly a bit old but I think even our young readers can understand the idea.

The spotlight is therefore on:

  • Pierre Gauthier, Global Head of Partnerships, Smile Wanted
  • Martin Clamart, managing director, Azerion France
  • Gautier Picquet re-elected president of the CMPA
  • Rodolphe Rodrigues, marketing department, JC Decaux
  • Tanguy Le Falher, Head of Retail Partnerships, CitrusAd
  • Fabrice Jaeger, CEO Weborama

We conclude with a special mention reserved to Romain Baert (Addingwell), who during our Ratecard Days 11 morning explained to us the concept of Attribution in a simple and without confusion. For example, digital marketing can sometimes be very simple.

To vote: https://bit.ly/Rstars2Avril22

That’s it for this month!

I’ll see you next week

Mr. Fredo

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