24 hours in the life of a TikTok employee

GAFAM and the big Tesla-like companies, Netflix or AirBnb have toured young graduates. After learning to discover Google employee quotes, discover journal type of TikTok salary.

TikTok is one of the most important social topics. The power of young people thanks to a system of short videos and an algorithm known as ” i know you know that ». He knows a strong expansion, to the point that Microsoft still has a long way to go. It can be expanded to new activities such as shopping or bientôt la livraison de plats.

Stark, the university and the scene of a work in the field of work on the life of young graduates at the gates of TikTok. But what is hiding behind the scenes of society? Business Cool you have a job in a social network.

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TikTok: The high-tech pens for the solarium

This is thanks to TikTok user and assistant Alex Carvalho, Client Solutions Manager, who allows us to dive behind the scenes of the American antenna of the social network. The video was implemented in a video in the presence of the offices, to be commented on throughout the day on the homepage and on the wall of the TikTok Video Tour Tour in the magazine.

Bien sur, les locaux de l’entreprise sont constitués d’espaces de travail ouverts, où chacun peut travailler où il le souhaite. Néanmoins, on retrouve ennormément de lieux dédiés au bien-être des Employés, à beginner par le très celebre baby-foot, le billiards, mais also one salle de gym tout equipeé. It is divided into three zones: the muscular part, the cardio part and the yoga studio. On the other hand, he withdraws from the showers and vests.

But it’s not all here! Multiple interactive screens are dissected at TikTok’s locations in the small shops for amphitheatres, parks, long houses and canapés and a cafeteria offering alcohol and free snacks as well as chips and fruit. .

Enfin, TikTok can be a great studio with celebrities and influencers. It has a living room with a garden, a mountaineering studio, a makeup salon and a large lounge for patient invitations in a warm setting. They are very productive snacks, but also comforters.

@alexcarvs have you been to the TikTok studio? 🎥 Greetings to @gqpac ♬ Music for a sushi restaurant – Harry Styles

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The journal type of employment from TikTok

In one of these videos, Alex Carvalho is also able to put together a social network magazine. As part of the engagement, the day begins with a tour of the cafeteria in favor of a good chef gracefully offered by TikTok before heading to a place in the open spaces of the building.

After the break, Alex Carvalho got to work on the Spaces privés mis à disposition des salariés de l’entreprise series. At the end of the day, the win should be shared with his peers in a food trick that TikTok will do in his place. This company expressly employs staff who arrange the organization of events of this type to meet the needs of whistleblowers.

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How do I work at TikTok?

In one of the other videos, Alex Carvalho explicitly commented on the company. Not only that, in the rapid expansion of the social network, the number of job opportunities is suggested every year. As for the company’s French antenna, less than 22 items are offered in the most popular areas that sell, produce or support marketing.

The recruitment process is a classic and suffers from supporting your CV and cover letter straight from the website before waiting for your meeting. And if you can’t comment on the perfect cover letter, We have an article good for you!

Alex Carvalho has explicitly commented on the switch to TikTok. For your part, use your device. Networking is a very powerful weapon to find a job. Avant de Postuler, il a Respect sur LinkedIn s’il n’y avait pas des diplomas de son université dans les rangs du réseau social. The contact has a requested degree for this referral. The inclination to write directly on Linkedin indicates your relationship with TikTok.

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