3 levers to optimize your open and conversion rates

In email marketing, open and conversion rates are core concerns for advertisers. However, many of them neglect the potential of the subject, the preheader and the “Call To Action”, three elements that play a determining role in the recipient’s decision making. Here you will find the keys to optimal use of these elements…

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1. The Object

The subject is a short text that informs about the content of the email. It is he who will encourage the recipient to open your email, especially if he does not know you yet. Therefore, it is necessary to spend time and not rush.

Indeed, according to a study carried out by the National Union of Direct Communication, 59% of Internet users open an email because the subject interests them.

Here are some tips to increase your open rate:

  • Prefers objects containing 6 to 10 words;
  • Put the important words at the beginning, they should be between the first 3 or 4 terms;
  • Personalize your object using the data you have about your contacts (name, city, etc.);
  • Ask a question to get the recipient to react;
  • Clearly state what it is;
  • Highlight the rarity of your offer or your product to arouse the recipient’s interest;
  • Avoid capital letters and symbols;
  • Forget too vague objects like: “May 2016 Newsletter” or “News”.

Therefore, the challenge is to have a clear, concise and well-written object that interests your recipient.

2. The preheader

The preheader is the sentence that follows the subject of an email in your inbox preview. Corresponds to the first line of text used in the body of the email. Just like the object, the preheader is a powerful lever for optimizing your open rate. And yet, few advertisers fully exploit its potential.

To be effective, your preheader must:

  • Be attractive and personalized: remove the formula “If this message does not display correctly, click here”;
  • Serve as a complement to the subject by summarizing in a relevant way the main information contained in your email;
  • Include 30-45 characters for optimal display in different webmails and media;
  • Be different with each message sent: it should always be related to the subject of the email.

3. The “Call to Action”

The “call to action” is an image, button or link that encourages the Internet user to perform an action (add to cart, register, click, etc.). Studies have shown that it can increase the conversion rate of readers to customers. However, to get the best possible conversion rate, it should be placed at the end of your email. It is after having read all of your email that the Internet user will tend to click on a “call to action”.

A powerful “call to action” means:

  • To choose the words used carefully, they must attract the reader’s attention without seeming too directive or attractive;
  • Strategic placement in your email, preferably at the end of impactful content;
  • A clean design to grab the reader’s attention and let them know they can click.

You can multiply and diversify the “Call to action”, but do not forget to follow the advice given above.

Now that you have all the keys in your hand, you decide!

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