# 3 LIVE at the Franchise Fair with Brice Cardi (Réseau l’Adresse)

Ariane Artinian welcomes, live from the Franchise fair, Brice Cardi, President of Réseau l’Adresse, for a new episode of Mon Podcast Immo.

A look at the Salone del Franchise with Brice Cardi, President of the Address network.

How is this first quarter going?

Brice Cardi: Well listen, so far so good. We are still producing a quarter that is almost the same as the quarter we had last year. Remembering that now, year after year, we are consistently breaking sales volume records. Once again the French bring us the proof that they are attached to feeling good at home and above all to the owner.

What is the development of the network?

Brice Cardi: The good news is that we are done in time despite the pandemic we have been experiencing for more than 2 years. We have completed the implementation of the new graphics card, the whole network has been deployed, we are satisfied and relieved and now we will continue to do what we started earlier. First of all, the first motivation we have is to obtain more performance with the members who are already present in the cooperative and, this is the reason for our presence at this event, to be able to allow many women and men to join us and share the values ​​of our network.

How many L’Adresse agencies do you have?

Today we exceed the figure of 350 points of sale, between those installed and those assigned during the installation phase. These stores are represented by just over 220 associates.

What are your goals?

Brice Cardi: Our goal is to be able to have an average of 50 new partners per year, which is what we have been able to do for some years now. Everyone can take part in the decisions through 2 general meetings per year. Examples to be clearer in my point. We are the network that believed before the others in the notion of post-signature support, in particular the concierge service, and we are also the only network today to have a foundation which in turn is under the aegis of the Foundation of France. And then clearly we are also a network that knows how to act on the digital not to replace it with the human but to give more time to our employees who can then devote themselves more to their customers.

What is the typical profile of affiliates who join you?

Brice Cardi: The typical profile is above all someone who is motivated, who has desire, someone who will know how to combine this desire with the energy that is absolutely essential to be able to do this job, curiosity. It is a job that requires you to be multitasking, multifunctional to be able to respond to the extremely numerous different fields to be able to do this job. And above all we must above all remember that it is a job that relies on the human, the human is empathy, in order to satisfy a need you must first take the time to discover the project. The typical profile is also someone who will be able to adapt to our human values ​​by sharing experience.

Are there any prerequisites in real estate?

Brice Cardi: We have 2 extremely different target groups, established agencies that are independent or affiliated with other brands and that today could find more to join us, and of course also those we call creators, that is, those and those who are in professional retraining and who will have it integration via slightly longer training with immersion in an agency.

Is it the right time to start a franchise?

Brice Cardi: There are no good or bad moments, it is really more time, let’s say, to enroll in the course of the future partner but in fact yes there are more and more women and men who want to do this beautiful job. In fact it is an incredible job, we touch many things: IT, accounting, marketing, communication, people, training, support and above all it is an extremely useful job. The disadvantage that must be remembered, this work is in fact paid only for the result, in order to be able to achieve a result with precision, one passes from being human and whatever the type of project, a first buyer, a rented student, a young couple or others like after a divorce … We are always useful to make the acquisition of a property easier and faster.

How much does an Address real estate agent make?

Brice Cardi: Vince, after reaching a set goal. To be more concrete, the goal today is to reach a profitability set at around 20% of turnover.

How much does it cost to become an Address affiliate?

Brice Cardi: Much less than with our competitors, it is also in the interest to stand out with this unique cooperative structure. It is a pact of € 9,900 but all inclusive, ranging from furniture to the sign and everything that will be around, training, business software, internet and then perhaps it should be remembered that the cost is lower thanks to the pooling of services and tools and that the cooperative has no reason to make a profit. The cost is 3 times lower than the franchises present here.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a franchisee?

Brice Cardi: In fact, there is clearly to turn to national brands, ideally a cooperative like ours, for all the reasons you know, but let’s quickly remember the values, experience, sharing, pooling is the first thing this person can benefit from. . It is simply the study of his project, it must be remembered that the principle of a brand like ours is first of all to become a key player in his sector. And precisely the sector is a point that will be studied thanks to the development department we have, thanks to certain software and above all thanks to the experience we know based on the types of sectors and the profile of the future partner, but we can tell him that perhaps it should be more to the right in the center or to the left.

So precisely, it is also one of the specificities of the network, we are very well rooted in some departments but we also have high potential territories that are available today, such as the entire basin of the Lyon region, or even Lille and Bordeaux, therefore, in good relationships.

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