5 essential tools to make business easier

1. The tools to facilitate commercial prospecting

To easily identify new prospects, you can understand the logic of customer acquisition. The majority of these companies are always qualified to lead through the LinkedIn professional service and contact the suite. Certain solutions to automate cold in-person email operations are also available on LinkedIn automated invites.

Everything is simple to facilitate contact with the prospects who have the greatest potential for you. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the official prospect of a B2B social media prospect who will be able to enhance an advanced search for leads resulting in precise filters. Another interesting point: these tools easily connect to CRM and other commercial tools, allowing you to automatically tag your contact base.

2. The tools to support customer requests

The existence of very interesting solutions to support vocation telephony to receive vocations and information about your prospects. These call tracking platforms always contain a central data center for a contact: phone number, geographic area or location, frequency of complaints made by the person, history of customers and prospects, marketing campaign that defines the complaint, etc.

Key benefits of call tracking: identification of communication channels for more rentals (Google Ads, social networks, emailing, etc.), data collection of key people who are engaging and optimization of customer service through registration calls.

3. The solutions for automating emails

Marketing automation tools allow you to place messages in an automated place for your prospects and customers to optimize your commercial performance. Ainsi, you have the ability to create dynamic scenarios that deliver emails to prospects and sports on your website. It is also possible to use nurturing campaigns to prioritize your contacts’ internet. Good to know: There are some solutions for functionalities to automate marketing and sales messages in segmented contacts.

Certain specialization tools in marketing automation offer the ability to create landing pages optimized to convert prospects into customers, with built-in forms. Automated reports with detailed statistics are available after sending emails. You can also analyze performance and identify prospects who are better qualified for the deal.

4. The tools for planning the business plan

In order to be able to plan more with prospects or customers, it is always possible to use the planning services on Calendly or Vyte. They are synchronized with your Outlook and Google agendas to check your availability and avoid double reservations. The integrations are almost possible with the tools Zoom or Microsoft Teams for the rendez-vous effect in Visioconférence.

how did you walk You have the opportunity to make a chorus and a red card for a visit to a prospect or customer who will be able to save a calendar. This song really is in your signature email for more visibility after your leads. If you contact us for a valid appointment, you will receive a notification and the créneau s’affiche will be automated in your agenda.

5. The CRM for the customer relationship in your ensemble

Indispensable for business: the logic of CRM. Celui-ci permet de gérer la relation client de A à Z. Plus précisément, voici les fonctionnalités principales: centralization des données de all contacts (prospects, customers, suppliers), management of the pipelines de vente pour prioriser les opportunités, suivi des communications .

In addition, CRM certificates are available for business simulation management activities that can be used to address the ERP logic: foreign exchange management and facts, pilotage and accountability, and human resources (HR management, des congés et absences, etc.) .

It is important to be aware of the logic of the market and choose a CRM adapted to the benefits of your business and your business. Certain logic of customer management offers services that coincide with TPE and PME also that other companies are responsible for determining large companies and that there are additional costs that may arise from the further development of advanced functions. We will return you this exhaustive list of CRM principles that can offer you the opportunity to streamline your business processes.

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