5 professional tips for creating Twitter ads

With 436 million monthly active users, Twitter has become an essential platform for building your brand. Thanks to Twitter Ads, the advertising tool of the social network, companies can create sponsored, personalized and highly targeted content to promote their services or make themselves known. For this it offers different advertising formats and targeting tools, making it an essential marketing lever. Making the most of Twitter for your web marketing strategy, however, requires certain reflexes.

Our tips for creating Twitter ads

Twitter ads can be effective levers to attract new customers, improve visibility, or increase traffic. To achieve this, you need to take into consideration some elements, such as posting times or targeting. They will allow you to set up an effective advertising campaign and implement a foolproof social media marketing strategy.

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Post quality tweets at strategic moments

Every day, internet users see a large number of tweets scrolling through their news feed (also called a timeline). In such a context, making your Twitter business account stand out can be tricky. To achieve this, it’s essential to create impactful content that grabs your audience’s attention. This involves knowing their interests well and tailoring your tweets in real time to trending topics that appeal to them, such as winning a football team. During the development of your Twitter Ads campaigns it is therefore essential to be reactive to be in line with current trends and be able to be engaging.

To quit the game, it is also recommended that you offer them exclusive content that they will only be able to discover on Twitter. It can be the realization of an advertising campaign or the secrets to create a product. The goal is to be able to create added value, and not republish content that the Internet user has already seen on another social platform.

Creating successful Twitter ads also requires regular posting. Thousands of tweets are written and published on the social network every day. According to data from Statista, the duration of a tweet is only 18 minutes. It is therefore essential for a company to stay active by tweeting daily and at strategic times to have good visibility. To determine the best time to publish your Twitter Ads, it is necessary to take an interest in the habits of your target audience, in particular at what times the social platform generally frequents.

Add profitable clickable elements

For any professional, the goal is therefore to create captivating Twitter ads that allow him to be known by his target. However, there remains the risk of creating engagement on content that has no added value for your business. This sometimes happens with the hashtag when it is used improperly.

When designing a sponsored tweet, you may think it’s a good idea to add specific hashtags related to your business or the subject of your tweet. For example, a brand that sells rainwear might tend to add #rain #coat. Instead of clicking on the link that redirects to your website, the target is likely to click on these hashtags. The company therefore generates no revenue and is charged, because the tweet generated some form of engagement (although it is not as expected).

It therefore seems essential to insert profitable clickable elements that allow the company to obtain the expected results, acquire notoriety and increase its profits.

Choose the right advertising format

Like Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads have different formats that allow you to design powerful and unique campaigns.

Image ads

Image ads allow you to highlight a service or product and redirect your target to your website via a link. They are useful for attracting the attention of Internet users with a simple photo. They can be used to increase your reputation or expand your clientele.

Text ads

Specifically, Text Ads are tweets with no images or videos. It contains all the elements of a classic tweet: retweets, likes, replies … They fit very naturally in a news feed. However, you need to be able to handle words to be able to reach your audience.

Video ads

Video ads are tweets with embedded videos. They are useful for presenting a product or service, but also for showcasing your brand in a creative way. Used well, they are effective for improving your engagement rate and establishing first contact with new customers, or even improve your traffic by inserting a link in the tweet.

As for the duration, the video can last up to 2min20. As our attention is limited while browsing the web, it is recommended that it does not exceed 15 seconds.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads allow you to add up to six images or videos to a single tweet. They are used to present different products or offers from the same range. The advantage is that they engage Internet users longer than other formats. Scroll through the contents and immerse themselves in the universe of the brand. For this we must not neglect the 280 characters made available, which contribute to the narration.

Focus on precise targeting

Targeting is at the heart of any communication strategy and marketing strategy. Twitter Ads allow you to target audiences based on specific segmentation criteria:

  • Demographyaccording to a geographical area, a spoken language or a genre;
  • Subscribersto reach Internet users with a similar profile to his current followers;
  • Equipmentor the means of navigation used by tweeters (mobile, desktop, etc.);
  • Behaviorso the shopping habits or lifestyles of users;
  • The interests and the subjects who will make his target react;
  • Events the most relevant of Internet users aimed at creating engagement;
  • Keyword, to target or exclude people who have searched for a specific term;
  • Conversationsto reach an audience interested in a topic related to their brand;
  • Personalized goalsfor example to find a user who has shown interest in their brand and contact them again.

Too limited targeting can affect the distribution of a campaign. On the other hand, too broad targeting can improve its distribution, but reach users who are not necessarily part of its main target. We must therefore test different targeting approaches to identify the one that best suits us and be able to reach a qualified audience at the most appropriate time.

Analyze campaigns

Twitter is the instant social network. Every minute new topics emerge and new trends emerge. In order for advertising campaigns to remain relevant, it is essential to adapt their content and analyze which actions are effective and which are not. Twitter Ads offers a dashboard to track your cost per result (CPR), impression rate, and engagement rate. These elements are useful for measuring the effectiveness of your current campaign and identifying opportunities to improve your social media strategy.

These few tips are meant to be real support points that allow everyone to design effective and engaging Twitter ads in all respects. To get good results from your next advertising campaign on social networks, it may be preferable to use a web marketing agency.

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