5 reasons to use it for your purchases

Facebook Ads is today, like SEA (Search Engine Advertising), a acquisition lever preferred traffic from many companies.

For many companies and businesses, digitization is an important part of their activities today. The digitization of companies has been taking place for several years, and competition for acquisition levers is now tough.

Have a digital strategy A good design is essential to stand out from the many competitors. Together today we will see the different reasons to use Facebook Ads as an acquisition channel.

1. Greater Audience Diversity

In addition to the benefits of a very large audience, Facebook advertising gives you the benefit of a variety of targeting and a larger audience. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook remains the most widespread social network in the world Statista study.

So you have access to Targeting Criteria Basics like location, demographics (age, gender), language or connections used. You can also be more specific and use advanced targeting such as education, income, location, interests, or behavioral data (browser, device). Note that you can also use custom targeting.

Another of the great strengths of Facebook Ads can do lookalike audience, or look the same. This type of audience allows you to reach new users based on similarities to your existing customers. This type of listening is particularly effective.

In order to provide them, you must first have them Create a custom audience serving as your “source audience”. Your Lookalike Audience should be based on and close to this previously created audience.

2. Increased algorithmic performance

in use for several years, The Facebook Algorithm Ads remain one of the most powerful and accurate. Once your targeting options have been defined in line with your goal, all you have to do is trust the algorithm. The relevance of Facebook management’s targeting remains one of its main strengths to this day.

If you lack the human or time resources to manage this internal acquisition lever, note that there are specialized agencies for Facebook ads.

Increased algorithmic performance

spark accompanies you, for example, in the development of your strategy for this acquisition channel and in the correct use of this tailor-made strategy. Outsource it Acquiring Facebook Ads through an agency allows to develop its digital maturity thanks to the support of experts.

3. A variety of investments

The variety of investments Management of Facebook ads is another of its strengths. You have the choice to multiply the possibilities of placement and meeting point with your goals: in the feed, in the story, on Instagram or Facebook, the options are numerous.

This variety of placements allows you to test your different ads. So you can perform A/B testing Real time.

4. A high volume of impressions

As announced in the introduction, Facebook remains the most used social network. With Instagram transitioning into the fold of Facebook, what remains most interesting is the breadth of the audience and the amount of impressions available.

A large amount of impressions

5. An attractive price

Last but not least, Facebook Ads stays on Traffic Acquisition Channel cheap. Although the goals and strategies are not the same, the cost of acquisition (CPA) is cheaper on the platform than on LinkedIn.

However, this CPA remains more expensive than some other social ads platforms, such as Snapchat.


Facebook Ads therefore represents many significant advantages for businesses. This platform allows you to meet your different marketing goals ; whether you want to generate contacts, generate sales or even increase your level of awareness.

The great relevance of the targeting of its algorithm, the diversity and breadth of its audience are its main strengths. However, leveraging this acquisition channel requires real skill, both operational and strategic. The support of a specialized agency is an advantageous solution for many companies. The agency acts as an outsourced digital marketing service.

We advise you to aim for higher digital maturity. Your digital strategy should not be based on a single acquisition lever, make sure you diversify your strategy. In fact, you are never sure that one of your leverages will stop bringing traffic for one reason or another. A strategy based on different levers therefore makes it possible to avoid such problems.

that Natural referencing (SEO) and the paid referencing are interesting levers for diversifying your traffic acquisition. SEO is especially interesting for the gradual move away from paid acquisition channels.

We have already quoted LinkedIn Ads and Snapchat Ads as other social ads channels that may be used. Note that there are others such as Pinterest Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads or, more recently, Twitch Ads.

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