5 tips for writing texts that will grab attention

On the occasion of Web2day, Valentine Sauda, ​​an entrepreneur specializing in copywriting, with already more than 20,000 subscribers on LinkedIn, gives us valuable tips for writing impactful texts that make you want to act!

But what is copywriting? “It is simply the art of writing to sell, turning words into euros. ” More generally, it consists of using the words that will generate an action (click on a CTA, download an ebook, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.). If we still consume so much written content, the readers’ attention is reduced more and more. On average, content creators have 8 seconds to hook a person with the first sentence of their text. So how do you capture more of your audience?

1. Take care of your hooks

Since the reader’s attention lasts a few seconds, it is necessary “Irresistible hooks: you have to put 70% of your energy into the slogan”. While having accurate targeting, you need to know the readers behind your audience. Tip: use strong verbs. For example, instead of ” I have it in mind” , you can write ” It is engraved in my memory“. Give a stronger image through words. Focus on meaningful numbers if possible. For example, instead of ” Become the best copywriter in France” , you can write ” 30 days to master the art of copywriting“. Just having a number at the start can hook your reader.

2. Take cognitive bias into consideration

It is important to take into consideration 3 cognitive biases, which are triggered when making a decision:

  • Reciprocity:spontaneously offer something to someone“. In digital marketing, this can mean offering a promotional code when an action is taken, for example.
  • Social proof: “We are all influenced by the behavior of others”. It is important to show that you have confidence. For example, you can add customer testimonials, a company review score (in the form of stars) or the size of your social community under your CTA. This social proof reassures your audience and will encourage them to take action.
  • Sympathy and appreciation: it is interesting to bet on 3 pillars. The 1st: physical aspect. It consists in proposing a strong visual identity, which will allow you to make a good first impression. The 2nd: similarity, or in other words understand your audience well to adopt the tone of your target. The 3rd: the compliment. We generally pay more attention to who flatters us, and this allows us to create a bond.

3. Focus on empathy

It is important to resort to empathy, that is: to feel the emotions of others, to put yourself in their place. “The more empathetic you are, the more you understand your goal”, underlines Valentino Sauda. 3 tips:

  1. Talk about advantages before advantages,
  2. Lean on emotion,
  3. Take the reader’s point of view.

4. Lighten the text

After a first draft, it is good to reread it and lighten the text, being careful to go to the essentials, eliminating some words that are not necessary and that will burden your observations. Among the best practices: writing paragraphs of a single sentence, even short, in order to give rhythm. Remember to include social proof and add context to your presentation.

5. Humanize your speech

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth remembering: always keep in mind that you are talking to humans (and not robots). It’s important to target your goal as naturally as possible. You can write directly as if you were talking to the person, for example. For your social media posts, also avoid drowning your text with too many hashtags, they don’t give a damn ” natural to your post.

The final word: copywriting is an art that works for the long term. It can’t be mastered in 20 minutes, so feel free to experiment and repeat. The famous Try and learn. It’s your turn !

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