5 useful ideas for tech merchandise for companies

In terms of communication, while digital marketing is increasingly favored, traditional marketing still has a bright future ahead of it. Having gadgets and promotional items customized with your company logo is one of those traditional marketing techniques that are still essential in 2022. In this article, we will present a selection of 5 customizable promotional items that are relevant when you are a company operating in the field. digital.

Personalized advertising objects, a marketing technique still relevant in 2022?

While many personalized promotional items regularly end up in the bin, if carefully selected and well targeted, they can be excellent communication partners in the short and medium term.

When you are a digital company that regularly attends trade shows as an exhibitor, having the useful advertising goodies for its potential customers it’s a great strategy to stay on your prospects’ minds long after the show ends.

Of course, the use of personalized objects of this type is not limited to distribution at trade fairs, even if this is often the main use made of them in the digital sector. These items can for example be sent to their customers during New Year’s greetings or distributed during sales visits.

5 ideas for personalized and tech promotional items useful for digital professionals

Buying personalized advertising items is a real investment that can be profitable for companies as long as the choice of the items in question is well thought out. The goal of such an approach is often to remain in the minds of its potential customers long after the distribution of the object, it is therefore imperative to choose objects that will actually be used by its targets, and this, for as long as possible.

Here is a selection of 5 customizable promotional items aimed at potential tech and digital customers.

1- The personalized USB key, the essential

The personalized USB key is undoubtedly the protagonist of the technological promotional items that we actually tend to use over time. In order for its use to be guaranteed in the long term, it is advisable to choose a model with sufficient capacity to ensure that it is really useful for its prospect. They come in all shapes, capacities and even with renewable materials.

2- The customized external battery

The custom external battery belongs to this category of really useful promotional items that you don’t want to throw in the trash. Often on the hunt for battery for their busy smartphones, digital professionals will surely appreciate having a backup battery in the event of a failure.

3- The customized international USB charger

The USB charger compatible with different types of international sockets is also an excellent promotional item idea to be provided for example at international trade fairs. Less useful on a daily basis, it still caters to prospects who travel a lot.

4- The customized 6 in 1 USB charging cable

Whether you’re traveling personally or professionally, it’s not uncommon to forget your charger or have to lend it to someone you know. The 6-in-1 custom charging cable is a perfect promotional gimmick for this. Very compact, it is not very expensive to buy and can still be used for several years from its perspective.

5- The personalized wireless charging station

Particularly suitable for prospects with latest generation smartphones able to recharge by simply touching a wireless charging column, the personalized wireless charging column is one of those promotional items that combine utility and care for the brand image. . Incorporating this type of ad object into your strategy is differentiating as few companies still use them.

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