7 Major Mistakes to Avoid Now!

Influencer Marketing: Who hasn’t heard of it? It’s about connecting with the right people to get your message across authentically. However, when the strategies are poorly executed, certain mistakes can prevent your business from realizing its enormous potential. So it’s best to avoid these common mistakes brands make when it comes to influencer marketing!

Mistake #1: Not setting a goal for your influencer marketing campaign

Every marketing campaign should have a defined goal, whether it’s driving conversions, building customer loyalty, or increasing brand awareness. Some make the mistake of launching an influencer marketing campaign with no specific goal!

Because they don’t know exactly what to expect from the campaign, they don’t know how to measure their performance. They will therefore not know if their campaign is successful or not. They also don’t know if their campaign is generating the desired ROI because they don’t have a clear idea of ​​what metrics to measure their performance against.

Mistake #2: Prioritizing scope over context

Influencer marketing isn’t just about working with content creators who have a lot of followers. Many brands make the mistake of working with an influencer because of their follower count and end up neglecting what really matters: Content suitability and engagement rates.

Numbers aren’t everything, so be sure to look at the whole influencer picture when looking at your influencers and don’t pick someone just because they have a lot of followers. Look at the number of comments on her blog posts and her social media engagement rates to see how active she is.

Mistake #3: Finding uncreative campaign concepts

Many brands hire an influencer and give them generic content to post where they expect amazing results. Results ? Usually nothing really spectacular! Nobody wins if the campaign lacks creativity. You need to come up with a fun and engaging campaign angle if partnering with influencers is long-term. Think about how to integrate contests, giveaways, questions and answers, etc. The more you involve the influencer, the better the results will be.

Mistake #4: Lack of authentic communication

Communication and authenticity play a big role in influencer marketing, just like in any relationship. In fact, the best 1:1 relationships happen when the brand thinks about building real relationships with real people. Avoid “prepared” or cliched statements and personalize each message.

Mistake #5: Hide your partnership

Don’t hide your relationship with influencers and make sure influencers don’t hide your relationship. If your followers find out (and they will), it will destroy your credibility! If you pay the influencer in any way, they must disclose that relationship. Otherwise, you risk losing your reputation and losing the trust of your followers.

Mistake #6: Not trusting influencers

As a brand, you need to accept that influencers are first and foremost content creators. Instead of bombarding them with too much detail, give them some space. Influencers know each other well. They produce quality content that has generated high levels of engagement. When working with an influencer, you should not set rules that are too specific, otherwise you risk creating poor-quality content. Influencer marketing campaigns that are too detailed result in inauthentic-looking content as the influencer loses their own style to meet your expectations.

Mistake #7: Building a short-term partnership

Influencer marketing shouldn’t be a one-off approach. If you feel like you’re doing well with an influencer, why not keep them? In short: long-term partnerships are essential for success in influencer marketing.

Ultimately, influencer marketing can be a great thing for your brand. No matter who you are and what your brand is about, influencers can help guide you if you get it right.

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