7 questions to … Nicolas Gleyze and Guillaume Giordanella, founders of the Rookee agency

Sportsmarketing.fr had the opportunity to meet and ask 7 questions to the founders of the Rookee agency (Nicolas Gleyze and Guillaume Giordanella), the latest in the world of sports marketing agencies in France.

  1. Announce the launch of your new Rookee agency today, can you tell us more about this new agency? How is it different from “traditional” sports marketing agencies on the market?

Rookee is the new 100% sport & esport recruit within our holding company Hypee Groupe, which already includes several subsidiaries (Hypee Digital, Hypee Events, Lovlee, Cosee Design, Trendee, Creativitee).

This new agency aims to train players in the sports business sector on new fields of expression by offering exclusive experiences.

The differentiation from other sports marketing agencies is done on several levels:

  • our training and sports background with 15 years of experience in the sector and 30 years of sports practice at an intensive level
  • our history and our experience with GESI through our past professional experiences
  • our social and environmental beliefs since the creation of the Group
  • our appetite for new uses and new technologies
  1. What need do you have at Rookee today?

We have identified in our benchmark a growing need in emerging sports and the esports community. These structures require global support for rapid professionalization and here we want to capitalize on our 10 years of experience at Group level to offer all the tools to structures of any size.

  1. What do you offer Rookee?

We have a panel of 3 complementary services, namely:

  1. Consulting and Partnership: development of communication strategies in sports sponsorship
  2. Events and Public Relations: activation and production of sport / export projects
  3. Influence on social media and marketing: development of the brand image / e-reputation

Reflection on partnerships, the implementation of these activations and the transmission of these experiences to a large target group guide us on a daily basis.

  1. How do you stand out from the competition in your opinion?

We are a human-sized, creative and reactive agency that feeds the entire sports ecosystem on a daily basis. We constantly try to go further in our thinking by breaking the codes and proposing more and more innovative ideas. Our 15 years of field experience on the biggest sporting events has allowed us to assert our legitimacy a little more. We can then use this experience to serve clubs, federations, equipment manufacturers or brands of all sizes. Hypee Groupe’s multidisciplinarity can offer many perspectives to our future customers.

  1. What is / are Rookee’s strong point (s)?
  • A team made up of experts in the field of sports and eSports
  • 15 years of experience on GESI (Euro, RWC, CAN, RG, EHF, PGW, etc.)
  • The responsiveness of the agency
  • Our creativity through the diversity of our internal profiles
  • A strong relationship
  1. What was your path that led you to launch a new agency today?

Coming from a STAPS course and then from a Masters in Sports Management at Kedge Marseille, I was able to debut at Havas Sport & Entertainment with a hyper-educational experience. I then joined Guillaume in Hypee Communication in 2014, where we officially joined forces in 2015. The Hypee agency has already existed for 11 years and then we created Hypee Groupe, the holding that brings together the 7 branches. Historically the sports sector has always been a source of inspiration, we have been constantly immersed in this environment both through our respective trainings and through our different professional experiences. Since our association, we had this project in mind to create an agency dedicated to sport, now it’s done. Let’s play!

  1. What is your point of view on the sports market today? What are the challenges for a brand looking to use sport to stand out / emerge in its market?

The sports market is constantly evolving. This is what makes it so fascinating. This is demonstrated by the latest news (esport, NFT, metaverse, etc.), we must be constantly on the lookout for and aware of the latest innovations in order to be able to offer exclusive “boxes” and thus meet the expectations of our customers as faithfully as possible.

In our view, the market is still changing. Sport and export will have a great impact in the years to come and will contribute to the economic development of our country. Within 5 years, sport will be the protagonist in France with a real catalyst from here to then, Paris 2024. The prospects are immense and all those involved in sports business are aware of it.

Given the context, the stakes for a brand that uses sport to differentiate itself in its market are even greater and multiple. For our part, we believe that brands come to sport mainly for the values ​​it conveys. Determination, discipline, self-transcendence, inclusion, perseverance, respect… On the other hand, you must know how to manage them with accuracy and caution. Brands otherwise risk ethical problems, as we recently saw with Winamax and Mbappé …

If you want to contact Nicolas and Guillaume to offer your services or ask them about your communication problem in sport, go to their website, facebook page, instagram, twitter or LinkedIn or you can send an email to [email protected]

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