7 reflections to make remarks to recruits on social issues

This is the best way to offer more candidates for the job market. Bravery will set you apart and good use of social resources to help you with your candidacy value. Choose from 7 practical tips for marketing your professional profile.

1. Increase the visibility of your diplomas and competencies

This is the adopter’s first reflection: you can increase the visibility of your profile through professional reviews and retraining the presentation of your diplomas and competencies. These latter are at the top of the social networks. Make sure you have a summary of your presentation or your search. For example, on LinkedIn you have 2,000 presentations but only 3 of the first available rows. En suite il faut cliquer sur “En savoir plus”… Tous les recruiteurs ne feront pas cet effort!

2. Choose the keys that are more effective

Find out when to leave the words that describe your competencies. Cela rendra davantage visible votre CV aux yeux du recruiteur lors d’une recherche et vous aidera à passer le barrage des logiciels qui présélectionnent les CV en fonction des mots clés. Think about the length of the door in addition to terms of interest to the recruiter. You can inspire your profile profiles resume or your post you see. You can mobilize your network to recognize these competencies, mainly your professors and PhD colleagues and you are a student or recent graduate.

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3. Identify that “little plus” that makes you unique

“Last week 3 candidates who have the opportunity to learn their motivation!” E. Leclerc said. A little originality never hurts! Trouvez ce qui vous distinction du all venant des candidates et rend your profile unique: what makes you special, what are others?

Do you believe in complementary language, logic of plus, or in your overall competence (in response to the announcement or post you see)? Signalez-le, cela peut faire toute la difference. Are you interested in extracurricular activities and can you come up with a sports metaphor, for example: Passionate about the world, do you want to face it? Savoir navigator par temps agité est a competent competence in the current period! Musicians in a group You have the sense of harmony and you keep reserve in your group: another competence related to the assessment of the working framework in the team.

4. Activate your work experience

“Je fais partie de Ladies of Code et de Duchess France”, Confie Claire, web developer who favored in the region of these two federations Les Profiles Feminins dans le monde ultra masculin de la programming. Come in, look around and enjoy! Find the accounts of the experts in the domain (and in your home), classify the groups in social networks, invite to meet the meetingsthese meetings are the author of a community center, connect with a professional in the field at a company or industry of interest to you, etc.

Que ce soit à distance (car “le virus est toujours là”…), ou en présentiel (car après tout, “il faut vivre avec le virus”), l’objectif est le même: You know the maximum number of people in the industry who are interested in your professional commitment.

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5. Read further projects, realizations, prizes and awards

Web developer, you participated in a hackathon Pendant le Confinement? Mentionnez-le! Cele prove your motivation, your ability to be independent and your ability to perform at a distance. Do you have competitions primarily for student entrepreneurs? Dites-le! Cela montre votre esprit “start-up” and votre capacité deconviction. Pre-read your results and insights, the latest projects on topics that have worked. Don’t hesitate to find out your candidacy for your blog, mini website, mini portfolio, portfolio or book for all recruits who can save more. If your activity is close to the picture, Instagram is perfect for observing your insights. And you don’t want to be your own son!

6. Comment and post news related to your area of ​​expertise

On LinkedIn or on Twitter you can post and post messages (posts) that you can see on social networks. You can annotate your conversations, aim and comment on your phone or message. More of these are taken from the original content. To be able to repair the search engine, you can use the engines (#) for your branch and others for professionals. You can comment on the activity of the sector or bring a decryption. In the editing of your messages you can find the orthograph: on social networks and others, the fake recruits give a bad image of your profile and font.

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7. GPS drawing, CV on McDonald’s menu… Try a creative and viral trick

© Capture d’écran LinkedIn / Agathe Le Sommer

Agathe, 23 years old, student at the University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, is looking for a contract as an alternative to sports law. “After 3 months of rare searching I was able to put a sports car on my profile for donors plus visibility and watch my future friends who could surpass me: at 30 degrees I could park 20 km away. get a GPS track designed for alternative use “.

Son côté Thibault Hébert, graduate of a Master’s degree in Marketing from Montpellier Business School, is in the quota of a CDI. The completely renewed son’s CV with the codes of the McDo menu to be posted as the person responsible for communication and social resources in the fast food restaurant. In the two houses, the contractor is not even more than the two students who have massively increased their visibility on the social networks of professionals. A practice not adapted to all the important things in the world to create a stir and attract attention.

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