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In this inflationary period, how can you make your users spend more thanks to digital? Whether ordering via online ordering terminals, via order & pay which combines on-site catering and counter sales, click and collect and food delivery … taking care of your average cart is not an option as you approach of the summer season. So how do we do it? Here are 7 good and true verified tips to achieve this …

Cover photo: Tabesto online ordering kiosk on Bangcook.

To satisfy the algorithms of the delivery platforms and to increase their profitability, the restaurateur must play the game of upselling to enhance the average basket but also that of promotions to bet on volumes … Good news, the average fast food basket even jumped by 18.5% compared to before the pandemic crisis, reaching € 11.50 On average this year, Nicolas Nouchi, Global Head of Market Research at CHD Expert-Datassential, told us again very recently at the Sandwich and Snack Show 2022 in his study Speak Snacking 2022. increase in purchases by consumers. Not so easy to achieve when focused on operational performance, but digital technology can help you achieve. As usual, there is no single recipe: it is the combination of all the elements that will allow you to achieve this feat, to which a good pinch of artificial intelligence is added to flavor the topic. Here is our selection that you can complete to your liking, of course:

# 1 – Create captivating formulas for every moment of consumption in catering

Burger and baked goods specialists have long adopted this habit with menu cards. Many customers need to be guided in their purchases and to enjoy affordable and easy-to-understand prices, especially at lunchtime. It is up to the restaurateur to create all-inclusive formulas allowing immediate purchase at the price of a restaurant voucher, or even more: some hamburger giants rely on the open and all-inclusive package: hamburger of your choice + side dish of your choice + dessert + drink. It remains attractive and satisfies 80% of the needs of consumers who feel they are getting a good deal if their house signatures are properly integrated and perfect operational control allows them to deliver their order in record time, well below the 10 minutes. In the evening, the offerings stand out and incorporate other less functional and more experiential formulations, which encourages you to read this article to the end to get to know all the flavor …

A good example: Big Fernand, from a great formula, additional sales paid by the customer: big effect with double steak, extra bacon, cheese, sauces … Deliveroo screenshot.

#2 – Promote additional sales, upselling and cross-selling in street food

From the efforts made in your formula, you can make up for it by offering many extras that are now a legion in our universe. Taking Pokawa’s example, the latter also offers standard bowls in 3 variants Little, Medium (+ € 3) and Large, a series of extras starting with the basics at € 1 if you switch from white rice to black rice or the organic quinoa duo to continue at 50 ct, the extra coriander, the fried onions… for € 1.50, avocado, wakame seaweed up to € 2.50, the addition of salmon, tuna or other shrimps. The same goes for the dessert, some extras while others are included, and the drink: a beer can be sold with an extra while a house drink is included in the formula (iced tea, lemonade…). At the end of the purchase process, the customer can also, thanks to cross-selling, continue his purchases with a coffee, a bar of chocolate or a healthy snack that he will reserve for the afternoon …

A good example: Pokawa optimizes small to big hunger sizes and supplements to develop its offering. Pokawa screenshot, website.

# 3 – Bet on the offer to share and on the trend of the aperitif in an aperitif-dinner spirit

Whether it is side dishes (appetizers and toppings), it is possible to offer products for the whole family in the spirit of tapas and aperitif dinners to dip and / or peck. These offers that include savory and sweet products (ice cream, desserts to share, etc.) are all ways to increase your average cart and spice up the main foods on your menu by betting on your specials in mini format and playing with convergence. . Is the aperitif trend growing? With 39 million aperitifs taken a week in France, here is a moment on which catering and foodservice must particularly rely, while that of lunch is still in a phase of uncertainty. It has more than ever a real social function with a search for products that combine pleasure, enhancement, practicality and differentiation, thus allowing any restaurateur to stand out and take advantage of it thanks to digital technology. The “aperitif” bonus on the bill will increase the average ticket by 25% in 2020 compared to 20% in 2016 (source The NPD Group) with an average score ranging from € 12.20 to € 15.40. This must also be said the offer to be shared corresponds in particular to the summer season with a 30% increase in summer and promotes the sale of soft drinks… far from negligible for the margin…!

A good example: the Argentine empanadas Clasico Argentino have everything to please at aperitif time: an offer based on escapism, made like a slipper that stays warm for a long time in miniature format, a selection of Argentine drinks, all presented in a packaging, practical and easy to live in all circumstances. Add to that homemade ice cream in individual format or in a jar to share and that’s it …

# 4 – Opt for the customization of the recipe in fast food restaurants

The restaurateurs who have embarked on the digital path have, for the most part, adopted the ultra-personalization format, which, for some, has become their best seller. To increase the average delivery cart, the consumer can modify his favorite composition by paying the personalization price and choose all his products as he likes ! Mini format, extras sold at the right price … this tool, made possible thanks to digital technology, will allow you to better understand the tastes of your customers and increase your profitability! Benefits of free brainstorming, you just have to customize your container with the customer’s name – but it sounds a bit like the promise from Starbucks, doesn’t it?

A good example: among all the formulas proposed by the Les Burgers de Papa brand: the customizable offer “My father for me!“allows the customer to compose his hamburger according to his wishes and to customize his favorite recipe among the ingredients available on the menu …

# 5 – Play the card of exclusivity and increase the customer experience in catering

A drink, a dessert, a condiment, an ingredient… offered exclusively by your restaurant will allow you to appear as an innovator in the eyes of your consumers. You will thus be able to be at the top of the aggregators and communicate about your new products with an ephemeral side by selling your dish of the month, established in collaboration with a great Chef or a local influencer at a higher price than your traditional formulas. This way, you integrate the 4 Es marketing mix into your strategy: Andmovement, AndExperience, Andexclusivity, Andcommitment – and at the same time increase customer satisfaction and loyalty …

A good example: Pitaya and chef Michel Sarran offer a limited edition Thai duck breast that allows them to look like a novelty on delivery platforms. Here with Deliveroo.

# 6 – Stand out with functional and pleasure drinks

Accounting for 30 to 40% of the restaurant’s turnover, the range of beverages you offer therefore has a major impact on your average shopping cart. Depending on your concept, you can offer your signature drinks allowing you to play exclusivity, with precision, and at the same time preserve your margins … As we have seen, during the day and in the evening, the menus must be different and correspond to different expectations. From functional drinks focused on healthy eating, you can quickly move on to the notion of evening pleasure for moments of consumption focused on sharing and conviviality. The combination is up to you by proposing food & drink combinations forcing the line on typical trendy innovations hard sodabased on CBD, tea infusion and even a cocktail (or a mocktail) to share around the offer of an aperitif …

A good example: the drink + food pairing of POPL, the burger spot opened during confinement by René Redzepi, owner of Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant. The two brands and the house drink have everything to get along and guarantee a unique experience for the consumer.

# 7 – Diversify your offer with groceries and merchandising

To increase the average basket and improve the brand platform, many restaurateurs have succumbed to additional sales by offering food products that fit their themes, with the help of the pandemic crisis. Si ces habitudes se sont finalement installées c’est aussi parce que le merchandising et la commercialisation d’une épicerie fine perment de se rappeler au bon souvenir du consommateur chez lui et de remplir ses placards avec une offers qu’il ne peut retrouver que chez you. Personalized cups and bags which today are legions, sauces, condiments, through carefully selected rice, pasta, coffee, infusions and snacks, even kitchen utensils to feel ‘like in a restaurant’ invade the counters and online ordering sites. If impulse buying predominates, the rapprochement between the brand and the consumer happens all the more so. So why not take advantage of it and increase the average basket by the same amount?

A good example: Chef Julien Serri (Magnà) proposes his online store of food products specially found in Italy … and why not small additional equipment to live an experience at the top of the team!

To conclude :

The success of your offer is based on the perfect mix of operations (implementation, card convergence, team control, adapted packaging), digital (control of purchase costs and operating costs, performance on delivery platforms, click and collect and drive and online order terminals) and marketing (adaptation of the offer, practice of upselling and optimization of the marketing calendar) which require you to become a real e-merchant if you are not already! A business project whose results must be shared as a team, the key to your success and your ROI. and that digital allows you to measure! If you wish, you can enrich this offer and continue the discussion via the comments and / or on our social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See you soon !

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