83% of the French will take advantage of the summer sales » Economic and political letter from PACA

With inflation 51% of the French will benefit even more from the summer sales this year.

Still faced with inflation, 52% of respondents will use the summer sale to shop for the start of the school year in September.

82% will go to multi-brand ecommerce sites
75% directly on the brand’s e-commerce site
46% in a department or convenience store

31% plan to spend between 150 and 300 euros, 26% under 150 euros and 23% between 300 and 600 euros

89% of respondents go straight to sites they already know
73% of internet users compare prices before making a purchase

68% of respondents admit they were influenced by friends, family and loved ones before purchasing a product
39% are through a coupon
33% through a press article

45% of the targeted advertising consumers receive sometimes meets their expectations
51% of targeted ads don’t match consumers’ tastes

Channable, a company specializing in flow management and SEA automation (product placement and online shopping), wanted to know how the French are doing with the summer sales during this time of inflation. This survey also makes it possible to see the impact of ads, promotions, SMS, emails, etc., which are particularly numerous during this summer sales period.

Summer sale falling on runaway inflation

While 83% of respondents want to do the summer sale, 51% say they intend to “use it even more” this year to fight inflation.

Will you take advantage of the summer sale?

yes 83

With inflation, will you benefit even more from the summer sale this year?

yes 51
No. 49

A fair balance between physical stores and online sites:

While 34% of respondents prefer to shop online, 30% choose physical stores and 36% prefer both.

Do you prefer to sell?

internet 34
In store 30
Both 36

Where do you go shopping?

On a multi-brand e-commerce site: Fnac, Alltricks, Cdiscount, Boulanger, Amazon, Asos, Brandalley, Zalando, etc. 82
Directly on a brand’s e-commerce site (IKKS, Adidas, Nike, Petit Bateau, Levi’s, Apple, Sony, Bose, etc.) 75
In a supermarket 25
In a department store (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps etc.) 21
On the e-commerce sites of small retailers 11

Fashion and sporting goods are most in demand in the sale, followed by decoration and high-tech

What category(ies) of products will you buy…?

Clothing (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.) 78
Sports (clothes, shoes, equipment, etc.) 54
Furnishings, decorations, bedding… 40
Hygiene, beauty, health… 37
High tech (TV, IT, mobile phones, video games etc.) 35
devices 29
diy 26
gardening, animals 24
Culture (books, music, videos, etc.) 19
Travel, leisure, stays … 16
toy 7

Summer sale a bonus at the start of the school year

With inflation, will you use the summer sale to get your September back-to-school shopping?

yes 52
No. 48

If so, what category(ies) of products will you be purchasing for the start of the September school year?

Clothing (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.) 79
Sport (clothes, shoes, equipment…) 71
School supplies 64
Devices 43
Furnishings, decorations, bedding… 41
Culture (books, music, videos, etc.) 39
High tech (TV, IT, mobile phones, video games etc.) 21
Hygiene, beauty, health… 19
Travel, leisure, stays … 12
handyman 10
gardening, animals…. 8th
toy 7

Sales budget:

57% of those surveyed spend up to 300 euros and 23% between 300 and 600 euros

What is your budget for the summer sale?

From 0 to 150 euros 26
From 150 to 300 euros 31
From 300 to 600 euros 23
From 600 to 1,000 euros 11
From 1,000 to 2,000 euros 6
Over €2,000 3

Return Budget:

33% of those surveyed spend between 300 and 600 euros and 42% up to 300 euros

What will be your budget for September?

From 0 to 150 euros 14
From 150 to 300 euros 28
From 300 to 600 euros 33
From 600 to 1,000 euros 16
From 1,000 to 2,000 euros 7
over 2,000 euros 2

Down to business:

89% of internet users make their purchases from e-commerce sites they already know and 61% search specifically for what they are looking for.

When shopping online you must:

Go straight to the ecommerce sites you know 89
Go to your search engine and make a specific search (white nike air max sneakers size 43) 61
Go to your search engine and type in the name of the brand you are looking for (Nike, Zara, Levi’s…) 47
Go to your search engine (Google…) and enter the name of the type of product you are looking for (sneakers, smartphone, dress…) 35
Visit ecommerce sites you didn’t know before you were 19

Informed consumers:

73% of respondents compare prices and 44% read reviews

Before purchasing any product on sale, you must:

Compare prices 73
You read the opinions about the product, on the website… 44
You check whether the delivery cost is free or expensive 39
You see delivery times 28
Looking for 25 promo codes
They are waiting for the second discount to have more discount 14
You are looking at the return policy for 12 products
They are waiting for the third discount to have even more discount 9

Relatives are always the best influencers:

The vast majority of French people are more likely to be influenced by their relatives or friends before buying a product, followed by discount coupons and press articles.

What influences your choice before buying a product?

Your friends, your family, those around you… 68
A discount voucher received by SMS, email, etc. 39
A press article 33
An email advertisement 32
Online Reviews (Reviews) 29
An ad on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc.) 25
Influencer 24
A television and radio advertisement 22
Ads with photos on Google 21
An advertisement in a magazine, newspaper … 19
An SMS advertisement 15
Chat bots 14
Sponsored Ads on Google 13
Advertising display: railway station, subway, airport, bus… 11
A banner ad on a website 8

Internet advertising: Targeting that is becoming more sophisticated, but still has room for improvement

Even if 45% of Internet users “sometimes” meet their expectations and 19% even “often” see “always” the targeted advertisements, they find them in 36% of cases (total of “rarely ‘and never’). The most common criticisms are that the ads are not to the taste of the targeted internet users, are too numerous or do not inspire trust.

Are the targeted ads you receive or see online what you expect?

Sometimes 45
Rarely 25
Often 12
never 11
always 7

If sometimes, rarely or never, why?

Because the ad doesn’t suit my taste 51
Because we get way too much publicity 36
Because I don’t trust advertising 29
Because they urge us to consume more if I want to protect the planet 23
Because I can’t stand ads 19
Because they are too pushy 18
Because I can’t afford the products I see 16
Because I don’t like consuming 13

Methodology: Survey carried out between June 9th and June 14th, 2022 among 1,153 people representative of the French national population, using the quota method. (55% women 45% men. Age groups: 18% 18-25 years, 30% 25-35 years, 27% 35-50 years, 18% 50-60 years, 7% over 60 years) . Survey conducted online by Diffusion France.

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