9 tips for effective web video advertising

According to ComScore, online video continues its inexorable growth trajectory.

Example: “More than 184 million American Internet users watched 36.9 billion videos online in one month.”

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But you’re not Steven Spielberg, so how do you create an effective video ad that appeals to people’s appetite for videos? Here are some tips from the Parisian video agency Storystellar to make your commercial a success:

1. Make a plan

To determine the type of message you want to convey, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem does my product solve?
  • What are the concrete benefits of my product? (avoid talking about its features but what it brings to the end customer).
  • Do you have a “special offer” / “promotion” that you would like to highlight?
  • How does your product make your customers’ lives easier, better, or happier?
  • How can you show your experience and reputation?
  • Can you express the opinion of your customers about your product or service through testimonials?

2. Personalize the video

Include photos of yourself, colleagues and customers. If you have customer testimonials, include them. If possible, show a customer that they are using your product or service.

3. Write a script

Don’t try to improvise, it usually doesn’t work, write a script for the video.

You know your business best, so you are probably the best person to tell people about it. But if you don’t have the time or the inclination to write your script, leave it to your video agency.

4. Find an actor who embodies your message

If you don’t feel comfortable talking in front of the camera, ask someone else to talk in front of the camera. It will present your product and its benefits.

For example: “Gyrafe.com agency offers full SEO support for € 500 per month, which is the most competitive support in France!”.

* Tip: To avoid problems in the future, ask your “actors” to sign a waiver authorizing you to use their name and likeness.

5. Select appropriate furniture

If you have a restaurant, you may want to film your chef at work in the kitchen. If you’re a utility company, such as plumbing, show one of your employees arriving at your client’s door in a bubbly uniform with your logo on. Your video is a reflection of your business. So be sure to present the image you want your client to remember.

6. Check the lighting

If you don’t have professional lighting, make sure your video is recorded in daylight, in front of a window, and turn on the ceiling lights. If you’re shooting multiple videos, you can purchase a video light kit online for around $ 200. It’s usually best to shoot indoors, where you can control the lighting and background noise.

7. Think about the wardrobe

The “actors” in your video should wear neutral, clean and attractive clothing. You want your customers to focus on your message, not your clothes (unless, of course, you sell clothes, in which case the above doesn’t apply!)

8. Keep it short and sweet

A standard video ad should be no longer than 30 seconds. It may be easier to shoot shorter clips that can be combined later than a long video that needs to be trimmed while editing. You may need to shoot several short videos to get the look you want.

9. Include a “call to action”

Give your customers a reason to visit your website from your video ad. It may only be your contact details, but a discount coupon or special offer will increase the number of conversions.

You may want to consider creating a special landing page that specifically matches your video message. From there, your results will be better.

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