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Exporter of prospects LinkedIn versus CRM

ProspectIn and all boards to export to a wide range of LinkedIn prospects. The route is very simple, and I respect the CGU LinkedIn, a very important point for the genre of use. For exporter contacts, you can install any Chrome ProspectIn extensions available on this line. Une fois qu’est fa’t, vous lancez votre recherche de persons. In our house we focus on the craft of the company HelloWork in Rennes.

Une fois les resultat de recherche affichés, il ne vous reste plus qu’à cliquer sur l’extension pour export les contacts vers ProspectIn. You should be able to run one campaign and you can of course create other campaigns that are different from the prospectus.

All prospects are exported to your CRM ProspectIn and can be used for your various marketing campaigns.

Automate visits and missions in contact

If you export one of the prospects, you can automate visiting profiles that support the web for your profile and create activities. You can select the prospects you are interested in (plus filters are available: all profiles, profiles you’ve messaged, unaffiliated profiles, etc.). With a click on “Visit”, ProspectIn creates a file with all profiles to be visited and automated.

The “connect” wrench is quantitative in terms of automating the values ​​relative to the model. Select the contacts you want to use, personalize the contact message and use the remaining address. You can add additional contact models and contact models as well as the adapter to your campaigns.

Send messages in bulk

ProspectIn also sends bulk messages to prospective prospects. In the end it’s very simple. You can use the message message, the editor (plus registered models) and choose the prospects to contact.

They can automate the personalization of names and credentials, giving you a tone and a human message. The latter were sent to people with whom you are in contact on LinkedIn.

Create simple or complex scenarios

One of the main points of ProspectIn is the functionality of creating LinkedIn scenarios for prospects, as well as many complexes. Screenwriting training is effective and adaptable to different differences.

You will also be able to maximize and automate all your actions. LinkedIn can support your potential customers. Here we have decided to give our interested parties an invitation. They didn’t respond to our invitation to the 15-day invitation, which is a script. In return, an automatic and personalized message will be sent 1 day (the duration is configurable) after accepting the invitation. Une fois le message reçu, ils sortent du scenario.

The other scripts are pretty complex, they’re not just available to your prospect for your message. You can use the registered messages on the platform for your various scripts. Once configured, your script will be useful for other campaigns as well.

Creation of an advanced automation thanks to triggers

ProspectIn also includes other totalizable personalities based on advanced automation. They work along the lines of IFTTT or Zapier recipes. It is true that this action is realized, you automate another action.

The usable “trigger inputs” are the names: post LinkedIn comments, visit your profile, ask for help CRM, lui envoyer un message, visit son profil…

For example, you can also automatically export your CRM to your LinkedIn profiles that comment on your posts and also leverage your marketing campaigns. Other ideas: You can export your CRM to all profiles that use a specific hashtag or provide automatic connection requests that allow you to visit your profile.

A powerful tool and easy to use

After use, ProspectIn can be installed and used. The user is intuitive and clear, and the best meaning is to be able to differentiate between different actions. Surprisingly, the platforms are customized to benefit advertisers and marketers who use LinkedIn for prospecting. Rappelons also have the prospect of respecting LinkedIn’s usage rules and automating complementary actions. It doesn’t take much to automate its use. On apprécie all particulièrement les scénarios et “triggers”, qui permettent de totalement personalnizer sa prospection selon ses besoins.

The tariffs are limited to uses

In terms of tariffs, ProspectIn is very useful and adapts to the volume of leads generated by the number of users. The free plan includes exporting CSV emails, importing contacts, choosing personalized messages, the invitation requests and 10 to 15 actions per day. The €9.99 per month plan is limited in terms of offers. The Advanced Plan costs €19.99 with no additional automation and CRM integration scenarios. The enterprise plan costs €99.99 per month and offers a multi-computer interface, anti-dual functionality, a central board and an alarm board.

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