a landscape architect who thinks big

A graduate of the National School of Architecture and Landscape in Bordeaux, Arthur Delrieu creates grows in 2013 in Paris, then in Lyon, before launching his online store, duplicating a third agency in Bordeaux and adding BtoB to BtoC, hoping to quickly mesh the territory.

Revegetation is in vogue, so much so that agencies like Pousse are flourishing throughout France in the plant creation sector. It must be said that the sector has something that everyone likes. When we examine the mission given to itself growsthe plant engineering agency at 360 ° “, It may be tempting to send an unsolicited question:” Reconnect the city dweller to nature in all his living spaces “. Especially if you are a landscape architect, scenographer or designer to be able to apply.

It was in 2013 that Arthur Delrieu thought it was time to add his touch to the lives of urbanites totally overwhelmed and stressed out by capital cities or big cities in general. Its greening offer covers all living spaces, offices, hotels or personal interiors, without forgetting special occasions such as weddings or film shoots. A tailor-made work that goes from creation to maintenance, completed by an online offer. The e-shop of grows offers a range that goes from the “indestructible” plant to the “de-polluting” plant, without forgetting the eco-responsible Christmas tree and a plant rental service proposal.

Combine plants with design

Arthur Delrieu continued the path he had chosen. Graduated from the National School of Architecture and Landscape in Bordeaux, he worked for three years in this direction before setting up his own company in 2013, Paris grows (who becomes grows in 2021). He is convinced that the combination of plants and design allows a better life, contributes to daily well-being and appreciates building his offer on fairly refined elements. Parisian attracted to decoration and design, he has not forgotten the benefits of nature. He also regularly travels to Auvergne, the home region of his parents, and dreams of bringing some of this relaxing nature into the private and professional interiors of city dwellers.

A refined concept since 2013

The concept has evolved considerably from that of the beginnings, particularly in terms of target. Arthur Delrieu started with classic landscaping or maintenance services for gardens and terraces before looking further. He starts by working alone before hiring a first employee. He was offering Christmas trees to those around him five years ago that he realized there was a clientele who wanted to receive offers of plants throughout the year. At that time he bought his own fir trees in Rungis and delivered them to his customers, who slowly asked him if he offered this purchase and delivery service for other trees.

The online store was born at this time. Arthur Delrieu invests 3000 euros to create his e-commerce business that allows you to select design plants and pots delivered to your home. In short, if you spot a potted plant you like, the purchase becomes possible without having to go to a garden center, bring with you a lot of soil and a bulky pot.

Digital at the service of systems

A new step with the hiring of Sarah Delaval who launched the part of the event, thus opening up to a new professional clientele. Internet and information systems specialist, Sarah Delaval worked in France and Brazil in the world of digital marketing before joining the group grows, just over five years ago. Previously responsible for communication, partnerships and events, since the beginning of the year he has been deputy director of the company.

Passionate about plants, architecture and decoration, her favorite color is … green of course. A perfect partner for grows. He has fully participated in the strategic change of the company, which now devotes most of its business, up to 80%, to professional B2B clients.

From the superfluous that becomes necessary

Buying plants is usually not a priority. But if you can do it remotely, it suddenly becomes an opportunity to be seized. The calm plant, plays on morale, we even manage to talk to our favorite plants, about the widely recognized benefits, not to mention the clean-up and other attributes that plants have. In the professional world, the same is true. Business leaders rarely think of creating a pleasant environment for their employees to work. Sometimes the latter bring a pot to decorate the room. However, making this simple effort contributes to overall well-being.

The big brands have understood this well by staging their creations sometimes in exotic jungles and universes that allow you to start dreaming. Without forgetting that buying a plant without packaging is an ecological and sustainable act. And then, how can you resist La banda à Fernande, Melchior, Alejandro or Simone? Because yes, these are the names given by grows to the plants offered in its catalog.

A concept that finds its audience

The sale is accompanied by maintenance sheets, and an online chat is available in case of problems, allowing those without a green thumb to get started. In Bordeaux, since last year, grows he can count on Romain Lacoste, landscape architect who has particularly designed the plant universe of the restaurant Hi everyone as well as many gardens, because it is he who will direct this antenna.

Ambitious projects

The ambition is clear: to multiply the turnover of 2021, 1 million euros, by two this year and by five in 2025 compared to last year. Then it will be time to see if it is appropriate to raise funds, a new experience for this company that has never resorted to this type of financing. After Paris, Lyon and now Bordeaux, grows intends to invest in other large French cities. In addition, the 2024 Olympic Games will represent another opportunity for the company in terms of event rental. Currently 20 people work in the company. growsauthentic young offspring of a new niche that he helped to create.


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