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Unsuccessful in the European Audiovisual Media Services (SMA) Directive to continue EU efforts to impose rules and restrictions on the advertising of alcohol products, an objective key to the European anti-cancer agenda.

The goal of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is to reduce alcohol consumption by young people within the marketing limit of alcoholic bosses, a goal the plan may see more control over the directive’s mission audiovisual media services.

Toutefois, a recent World Health Organization (OMS) report on the regulation of transfrontal alcohol marketing, mapping certain gaps and weaknesses in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which will support their efforts. Who lives by the rules plus strict.

The failure of the “Urland”

The principle of the country of origin is « angle piercing » the SMA, explained by the European Commission in EURACTIV.

This policy is based on Article 3(1) of the SMA, which states that the countries of the United States “Ensuring freedom of reception and restricting the retransmission of audiovisual media services of other Member States on the territory”

Incidentally, the OMS report is a valid commentary that has the ability to diffusely delineate the nationalities plus strictes from other legal systems.

Sweden is a good example. Pendant des années, the principle of allowing two companies from radio distribution basins at Royaume Uni – but in Sweden, against Sweden – to broadcast the advertisements produced beyond that in the Swedish world, in the past decree plus stricte du pays Nordique en matter de marketing de l’alcool.

The Commission ruled in 2018 that Sweden will not be able to take legal action against broadcasters and refuses to include the following broadcasters in Royaume-Uni’s strategic strategy, which will be contingent: Alcohol advertising.

On the EURACTIV question, consult a Commission document to have the law of the original rule of law “Taking over the reception and retransmission of audiovisual media services in their EU”What “The benefits for businesses and consumers of the EU. »

No reviews available

In Suez Castle, according to the Royaume-Uni de l’UE variant, the radio stations are these contrasts to be reinstalled in Suez.

The appendix, the failed legal entity and the commission failed audits in a recent case.

«À ce stade, la prioritje de la Commission est de s’assurer que tous les États membres achèvent la transposition de la SMA dans le droit national, ainsi que d’effectuer une evaluation a approfondie de la manière dont les nouvelles régles onté mises de Top in Member States ». “Consequently, it is too late to discuss a possible future revision of the SMA guideline. »

The SMA policy is responsible for ensuring that advertising for alcoholic beverages does not take place at miner destinations. The declaration encourages the development of regulation and self-regulation of «Commercial audiovisual communication inappropriate for the boissons alcoolisées» – as he called it “Ride Codes” – ajoutant que toute publicity télévisée pour l’alcool doit également respecter Certains principes de base, notamment ne pas “Give abstinence or moderation on a negative day. »

Selon le rapport de l’OMS, cependant, ces normes ont eté eté citiquées à la fois pour lour manque de details et pour lour focusisation étroite sur la restriction de la publicité Destinée aux Miners. All«Move to the issue of marketing alcoholic products not intended for miners that are more attractive to others and more vulnerable to the influencer»peut-on lire dans le rapport.

«SMA to renforcé les dispositions visant à reducci efficacement l’exposition des enfants et des miners aux communication commerciales audiovisualles pour les boissons alcoolisées, et par consek, elle apporte des avantages significant grâce aux nouvelles réxles elles-elles rules and encouraging news about the application from driving codes »to explain the porte-parole.

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