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In 2022, marketing occupies an increasingly important place within companies. With digital transformation and data accessibility, brands have more and more opportunities to better target their offerings or hone their audience’s knowledge.

This is precisely the core business of Audiense, a London-based company that has developed an Audience Intelligence solution that offers brands the opportunity to rethink their marketing strategy thanks to a better understanding of their audience.

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In 2022, Audiense offers two main solutions to help brands improve their targeting: Audiense Insights and Audiense Connect. Two complementary tools that allow platform customers to exploit the full potential of big data. Some additional details about these two products:

audience illustration

Illustration: Audience.

  • Audience Insights: the solution makes it possible to identify and understand any audience, however specific and unique they may be. With Audiense Insights, you will be able to create custom audiences by crossing a lot of demographics. The idea is to help brands make better strategic decisions, adapt targeting to run campaigns with greater relevance.
audience illustration

Illustration: Audience.

  • Connect to the audience: this solution allows to go even further. With Audiense Connect, brands can create and collaborate with new communities by interacting directly with them on Twitter. Some brands, for example, use Audiense Connect to filter users to find the most relevant ones. Others analyze the community of their main competitors, to find interesting users as well.


A good understanding of the public is the key to a successful marketing strategy in 2022. There are so many possibilities, so many channels … Some companies get lost and it is completely normal. However, rather than scattering, we need to prioritize. Marketing thinking must primarily focus on the audience. With its two products, Audiense relies on real consumer behavior to provide representative segmentation to its customers.

Brands using such a solution will stand out and outperform their competitors. It is a very useful tool, for example, for launching a product. By knowing your audience, you can adapt your content strategy and propose actions in line with consumer expectations.

Concretely, Audiense aims to solve three major problems that brands have to face:

  • Find the right community. It is a long and expensive process. With Audiense, the idea is to use the data to define the right area to be addressed;
  • Incorporate social data into marketing strategies. Social listening does not allow you to work on the audience but only on keywords, while an Audience Intelligence tool like Audiense allows it.
  • The personalization of the offer: a profitable strategy that improves the return on investment.

With an Audience Intelligence solution, you will not only know your targets, you will also understand their mentality, practices and uses: essential factors to guide your messages and your campaigns.

audience illustration

Audiense allows you to understand the mentalities, practices and uses of its targets. Illustration: Audience.

audience illustration

Goals can be segmented based on several criteria. Illustration: Audience

Depending on the audience identified using the platform’s tools, you will have access to recommendations on content that may be of interest to the target community. To go further, Audiense also allows its customers to identify and connect with influencers in order to establish possible partnerships. A passage that will once again reach a specific audience, with a center of common interest. Now you know that in 2022 the key to a successful marketing strategy is the ability of brands to understand their audience.


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