a reference platform to centralize and effectively address your social concerns

A complete publishing tool

Facelift is about to release content on social networks. In particular, we will be able to create all your accounts, all platforms, with your teams and presenters through a collaborative and centralized calendar.

To create a post, follow the editor or editor’s questions (you can program the message, for example, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), a date, a responsible post and add a balise. You can also add a briefing to your team.

You need to create the post content. Facelift arrives on most formats (statute, slideshow, carrousel, lien () and the publication’s interface covers the variety of native functions of social resources. This concerns Facebook, you will be greeted by dark posts (posts that appear in the timeline are not visible) affected, the audience can read or add a label “Contenu de Marque.” These subtleties are usually not in the hands of publishing tools.

Other Facelift Adventures: It is possible to change, edit or flatten a release directly from the platform. And for the entire social network. A very handy utility that can be used to win times. Some of your contributions are created and validated or programmed, they are visible in an editorial calendar (exportable in PDF or Excel). Lastly, you want a global view of the month or week of what’s in class.

The Balise system allows you to organize the campaigns returning from publications in the contexts of complex organization (large teams, international teams…).

Facelift You can always create templates at the end of the day to win at the moment of creating new posts. Also ideal for guiding the teams and offering the trams on the working legs. Other built-in and very handy skills: a URL accountant that can track the performance of your organic social campaigns.

A collaborative environment

One of the main forces of the facelift is a collaborative environment for complex organizations. The platform is organized into teams and roles with access to specific pages or modules of your role. It is possible to create workflows to respond to your needs: for example, you are responsible for the entire environment, the community manager or agency is unique in creating the right to create publications, but you do not pay attention to the validator . Cela permet de hierarchiser les authorizations et de gérer des environnements avec des acterus acterus ou des esquipes importantes.

Cooperation is at the heart of the benefit: the facelift is integrated into discussions on the postcard after graduation. You can suggest examples of changes in a content that is freelance or against which the creation is perfect.

A unified moderation

Moderating social media resources is complex. He doesn’t care about the space and makes comments and private messages. With your unified inbox, you can use all elements at the end of the facelift.

You can also find a trainee, assign messages or comments to a team member, or mark items with a balise. All reports are filtered which are essential for marking three exposures with the cent reports to be tracked. The balises and automatic alarms always allow you to interact with more and more people. As for posts, you can also create automation templates for your customer service. A very ticket system. You can set the parameters of the notifications: if you have a comment or a message, you can’t do what you want to do, you will be blocked.

You can read the internal notes in the user manual on the items related to the changes. You also have access to the user’s history from your side.

A competitive point of analysis

Another point in the facelift face: a competitive analysis of multi-solutions alongside your competition but also to spot trends in social media. This tool completes the results of the engagement and crusade statistics of groups that you can build the most. For example, follow the help to monitor a Facebook Page ID.

The facelift is also open to the public. In the area of ​​manual reporting, you have access to all relevant data on the platform and can download it.

It can be used with a trend analysis function. It is possible to create requests for certified orders. Trendwatch shows you popular press releases online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The user could promote a brand that combines RP and social media.

A platform to organize your competitions and quizzes

Other paid features of Facelift: organization of competition games, quizzes and other social animations. More than 30 mechanics are available. You can organize the quiz, polls, personality tests, competitions…

The animations can be integrated and distributed on Facebook, but also in the form of mini-sites. Pensées pour les mobiles, toutes les mechanics are responsive and customizable through the CSS editor. All data collected can be exported to your CRM or used on Facebook to create custom audiences for public domain books, for example. As for the other functionalities, essentially everything is easy to understand and you can get your work done in a few clicks without any technical knowledge.

A complete and powerful tool

Difficile de faire plus completely que facelift. The user does everything and covers all the responsibilities of social media management and social media marketing: publishing, moderation, benchmarking, reporting, organizing competitions, public relations… Facelift does not have the content of being able to do everything, it does everything well. It is believed that there are large accounts with specific features that offer a park of social accounts.

One platform clearly shows the gain in time, productivity and efficiency. On apprécie l’exhaustivité desfunctionalités, mais surtout le fait que cela ne nuise pas à la simplicité d’utilization. The interface is more than a charm, but you can use it in minutes, you miss the features of functionality. If you are struggling with running brands or running social media teams, Facelift may be the solution to your problems.

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