a worldwide or internet network to attract potential customers

Digital marketing and web marketing is a domain that can be used to attract visitors and convert customers into affiliates. Do you want to concretise digital marketing and comment on this lancer in the world of the Internet for your company?

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What is digital marketing?

“Digital Marketing, Electronics, E-Marketing, Web Marketing and Digital Marketing, Correspondence on the Collection of Methods and Marketing Practices on the Internet.”

The classic marketing crowd lute and cork is used to display TV and radio advertisements, advertisements, flyers and all other paper supports.

In principle, digital marketing goes through Internet and social facilities. It is a I have simple, fast, very simple communication, which is classic marketing and oriented downwards. One of the other advances is that the whole thing is known to rapidly increase the impact of men’s actions as opposed to traditional marketing.

The principles? It fails attract a person who does not know how to help the client Of your company. The Transformer is a Visitor, a Prospect, a Customer, a Prescriber and there are several phases to be implemented:

  • 1st stage: define the corporate strategy : recruiting new employees, increasing the number of customers, developing the notorious staff;
  • 2nd stage: Define SMART objectsthese are the objects that produce particularities, actions, achievements, realities, and temporalities;
  • 3rd stage: Define indicators qui vont permettre de mesurer si vous êtes proche ou eloigné d’attaindre ces objectifs;
  • 4th stage: savoir si vous avez le budget, le temps and know the reporting time / feasibility of the project;
  • 5th stage: know your customers Partners, Genres, CSP, Areas of Interest. Plus, you know your customer and your best digital marketing strategy to go straight to those choices based on what you’re looking for.

What are the challenges of digital marketing?

Google My Business

91% of French users use Google as a search engine. Google My Business Permet de Build a professional page on Google and to refer as soon as tel.

Cet outil is d’autant plus interesting car il est geolocation tax. In fact, the search results for the interns are based on their position. For example, a person residing in Vannes in Morbihan is a band corresponding to an expert in Google and a search engine to promote experts in the field.

You can easily add visuals your company or your own. You can Check your opening hours or contact, your address and your telephone number. Briefly, gratuity You can create your business card which will be found by the interns.

Google permet également d’Use a voting and commenting system. You can talk to your customers when you want to learn and experience new perspectives.

The principles of social societies

There are various social problems and they are always final. You are principled LinkedIn who is a professional researcher and Facebook This is a staff plus more staff with attractive professional level staff.

The fav savoir qu’il ya Millions of users on social networks around the world.

LinkedIn inadmissible very good cibling professional level. You can:

  • create a presentation page for your company;
  • Create a professional network of contact proposals;
  • Leading discussion groups at your internet centers;
  • Share the content of products or services of your company and business in your business life;
  • Contact potential customers via private messages.

Facebook it is plus big social network in the world. The volume of activity is enormous and offers a very wide range of interested parties and potential customers. You can create a personal or professional staff and post content and information on your website, contact is easy.

If you have a business you can’t write content, you can’t Share the other content to be able to see your pages on social networks and to help you find your product or service (growth hacking).

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