Acquired, WebMedia RM will remain and strengthen in Saint-Chamond

As we told you on Friday, Rémy Masse decided to sell the group he created 10 years ago. Specialized in digital marketing, WebMedia RM (thirty employees) which had begun to expand its field of action around communication in general, now belongs to SRA. A Lyon-based group that wishes to diversify by developing its new headquarters in Saint-Chamond. Explanations.

Rémy Masse has just sold his group to the SRA led by Nicolas Nabhan. © IfMedia / Xavier Alix

Morocco, Tunisia and Madagascar abroad. Reunion and the West Indies for overseas territories. Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse, Avignon, Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes, Lorient, Chalon-sur-Saône for France. And now Saint-Chamond. It is a forty-year-old family group that wants to be very decentralized: its headquarters, in Lyon, do not concentrate much of its human resources. 38 of its employees work there when the whole, enriched since the beginning of May by WebMedia RM and its subsidiaries, now has 250 employees for a turnover of € 38 million (CA) excluding taxes (cumulative for 2021).

“The company we recently bought in Chalon-sur-Saône has six employees. We could very well have said: “let’s all get together in Lyon”. But this is not our state of mind, we try to develop closenessassures Nicolas Nabhan, head of SRA for 4 years. So yes, we will not only stay in Saint-Chamond where the skills are and which allows us to tackle the west of the region more easily. But we will also invest there: in equipment and human resources. “ While Web Media, around thirty employees, already has three open positions, we can therefore expect the hiring of a dozen more people in the coming months.

NOTwe will remain only in Saint-Chamond where there are skills and which allows us to face the west of the region more easily. But we will also invest there: in equipment and human resources.

Nicolas Nabhan, leader of the SRA

The level of pre-crisis activity has slightly exceeded

A local anchor that Yannick Fayolle’s internal promotion to the position of director of operations of the site does not contradict. To pass the hand gently, Rémy Masse, founder 10 years ago and former owner of WebMedia RM, is still there for a few weeks within the walls: 700 m2 cut to accommodate about sixty employees, who will continue to be part of it (SRA will be a tenant) through its holding company. Because if it has just separated from its flagship, which weighed 8.8 million euros in turnover (in 2021 on the 14 million euro turnover of the holding company) with its subsidiaries Leads Media Performance, Starter Communication, YLB digital Digital and Flinteractive, Rémy Masse will continue his other activities, which have around ten employees.

Its training center, Etiic Formation, located in La Grand-Croix, for example. Partner of Google, Microsoft and other Facebooks, counting in its client portfolio both VSE / SMEs and large accounts such as TF1, Crédit Agricole or Voyage Privé, WebMedia RM has long maintained an insolent annual growth rate of over 40%. Covid had some impact on the company in 2020. But in 2021 it returned to its pre-crisis level of activity and even little more, anticipating a 10-15% increase in 2022. WebMedia’s core business is digital marketing: traffic acquisition, SEO notoriety, SEA …

Diversification on “com 360 °”

Opposite the entrance to the site located in the business area of ​​rue des VAB in Saint-Chamond. © IfMedia / Xavier Alix

Since 2019 Rémy Masse had ensured – for example with external growth operations the acquisition of Starter Communication in 2020 – to expand its field of action on communication to 360 °: from the design of websites to print media through to media plans . A diversification that took off well in 2021: “In 2020, obviously, given the context, it was not easy. But that was then. If we look at Starter, we have gone from around 150,000 euros in turnover to 1.26 million euros and 120 customers. This diversification of our offer was fundamental in the face of the requests of our customers.explains Rémy Masse. This is especially true, for example, for VSEs such as Manufrance or even large SMEs such as Sam Outillage, Bennes Marrel or Ravon or even for whom we work. “

I wanted to give up but I wanted someone to come with new synergies, a new vision to create value for what I had launched.

Rémy Masse, creator of Webmedia RM

This “global” issue is exactly what motivated SRA to look into the acquisition of WebMedia RM as well. The SRA group and its customers can now rely on its Saint-Chamonais website for all matters relating to web marketing, communication and commercial performance. Skills that can be deployed in each of its positions. SRA Informatique is specialized in the integration of management software of the main publishers. “We don’t design them, of course, but we adapt them by customizing them according to the request, for example the accounting or the quality control of a process”explains Nicolas Nabhan.

The ambitions of SRA by 2025

SRA is notably a leader in the integration of Sage software in France and abroad “Where we carry out more than 40% of our business”. But like WebMedia RM, our customers are increasingly confronting us with global needs. Solicited by a company on behalf of Rémy Masse, it was SRA’s offer that convinced the latter: “I wanted to give up but I wanted someone to come with new synergies, a new vision to create value for what I had launched. “

Also, as well, “SRA’s offering, which comes with a client portfolio with many large accounts, was the most consistent. And then, we share the same values, which is a family business that maintains the site here. “ Strengthened by the new couramiaud skills, the SRA group is therefore aiming for a turnover of 50 million euros and over 300 employees in 2025.

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