Aden FORMAZIONI launches a master manager in marketing and communication strategies

Aden FORMATIONS, a structure formed in the digital, marketing and communication professions, launches a Master Manager in marketing strategy. This new course complements its communication specialist course, which can now host baccalaureate-level students with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication project management up to bac + 5. In partnership with MediaSchool, the training allows students to benefit from a professional certification, registered in the National List of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

The main missions and the daily life of a manager of marketing and communication strategies

The manager of marketing and communication strategies is an essential actor for the development and visibility of companies. He must both ensure that the services and products offered by an organization are in line with market expectations, and guarantee the influence and reputation of the company. Unlike more operational profiles, he will have a strategic vision of communication, image and marketing issues. For this reason, its missions present a certain heterogeneity, ranging from the development of a digital communication plan to its design and implementation, passing through the creation of a digital diagnosis, budget management or the implementation of performance reports.

To fulfill this role, the head of marketing and communication strategies works in close collaboration with the general management of the company. He thus ensures that the marketing and communication strategy implemented is consistent with the policy and positioning of the structure. “Part of his missions are also in operational marketing, particularly in terms of customer data acquisition. In practice it is very close to the commercial function “explains Géraldine Caillet, Communication and Marketing Manager of Aden FORMAZIONI.

Comprehensive training that meets the needs and challenges of businesses

To develop this master, Aden FORMAZIONI carried out a study with partner companies. Thanks to this vision of the real needs of organizations, the program is structured around 5 main blocks that aim to acquire essential skills:

  • Manage the acquisition and use of strategic information and studies: carry out strategic supervision, manage the strategy of acquisition, management and exploitation of customer and / or user data.
  • Manage marketing and communication strategies: establish a marketing diagnosis, develop marketing and communication strategies in line with the development projects of a structure.
  • Manage the implementation of marketing and communication plans: manage the teams involved and manage the operational implementation of marketing and communication plans.
  • Managing the digital strategy: coordinate the digital strategy adopted with the overall development plan of its entity.
  • Represent your company and manage your network: enhance the role of spokesperson that a manager of marketing and communication strategies can assume.

Discover the complete program

At the end of this course, students can apply for positions as Project Manager, Consultant, Manager or Director in communication, marketing, digital and events, but also for positions of SEM consultant, digital brand manager or traffic manager. “One of the strengths of this course is providing training for both advertiser and agency jobs.”underlines the Communication and Marketing Manager of Aden Formazioni.

Courses held by experts and a pedagogy that promotes transversal skills

Aden TRAINING involves trainers who have graduated and who have at least 5 years of experience in their field. These experts therefore favor an approach based on scenarios, case studies and teamwork. We approach all the theoretical knowledge on the rules and strategies to be applied in terms of marketing and communication plan. To put all these notions into practice, we work on practical cases, both fictitious and concrete, in particular within the companies in which we are in a work-study program. We also carry out group projects, which allow us to learn to work with different profiles, to meet precise deadlines, to be multitasking and to listen to each member “says Maëlle Campagnolo, currently a bachelor’s degree communication project manager at the plant.

Located in Caen, Aden FORMATIONS offers multimodal training that combines face-to-face training and distance learning. To support students in their learning, the organization provides access to various thematic and certification platforms such as E.FLEX for English and Voltaire for spelling and expression mastery. “The digital environment offered by Aden FORMATIONS is very complete and allows us to access additional resources such as the Adobe suite, Moodle which is our online learning platform where you can find all the courses of our trainers, the virtual coach Tinycoaching . We also have a digital library that provides access to books on marketing, digital, video, graphics, soft skills, among others “explains Maëlle Campagnolo. “In addition to supporting student learning with this digital offering, that is also our desire aim at employability through transversal skills “adds the communication and marketing manager of Aden FORMATIONS.

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