Adopt Parfums is revolutionizing the perfume market

Quality perfumes at affordable prices. It is this unprecedented promise that today allows Adopt perfume sell more than 7 million perfume bottles per year. After one o’clock fundraising for 26 million euros in May the brand intends to continue its development, digitally but also and above all in stores, in particular within the Carmila centers. A look at the success story, with Frederic Stoeckelits CEO (right in the photo), e Nicola Pellegrini (left in the photo), branch and franchise expansion manager for France and Europe.


The beautiful revolution of made in France perfumery!

Creator of perfumes and ranges of perfumed products

What is the positioning of the “Adopt ‘” brand?

Frederic Stoeckel: Perfume has long been associated with a number of conventions, first of all the fact that it would necessarily be an expensive product that should be kept for a lifetime. At Adopt Parfum, we part ways. We make the highest quality perfumes accessible to all, the result of collaborations with great master perfumers, accustomed to collaborating with the largest fashion houses. Our offer: more than 100 fragrances, at prices between € 9.95 for 30ml and € 16.95 for 50ml. In continuity, we offer body care derived from our perfumes, with unique formulas and textures: slushes, exfoliants, butters, milks, face care, etc. Another axis concerns the efforts made to offer “clean” formulas, in compliance with a rigid formulation charter with the exclusion of a certain number of ingredients.

How to make known these values, this singular positioning?

SM: Communication is crucial here. The fundraiser that we created in May aims in particular to accelerate the visibility and awareness of the brand. One of our priorities is to insist on the qualitative dimension, to explain how we manage to create quality perfumes at these prices: few marketing expenses, no muses, a unique bottle, no boxes or superfluous packaging … All our investment is in the quality of the our juices, and not in everything around them. The next step is to increase our digital and media campaigns, television sponsorships and billboards to emphasize this dimension.

Our whole investment is in the quality of our juices, not in everything that goes around it

We want to embody a paradigm shift: since perfume has a strong emotional dimension, it would be heresy to have only one in your life! Why not have three or four available to her and choose according to her wishes? To embody this approach, our favorite place of expression is the boutique.

What is the uniqueness of the experience you offer at the point of sale?

SM: Our specificity lies above all in the variety of our offer. When we enter a buy Adopt perfumes, we are in front of “the perfume library”, a wall made up of a hundred perfumes and designed in an appetizing, colorful way. Our customers smell our perfumes and talk about them. Our consultants are trained to guide them and talk to them about the brand and its positioning. The key is a guilt-free beauty experience: you can leave the shop with three products for less than 30 euros.

How do you explain the rapid growth of the brand?

SM: Our positioning paid off even before inflation. Customers are won over by the value for money and our responsible commitments. It is healthy growth that is based on quality and not on aggressive communication. With the sale of over 6.5 million bottles worldwide every year and more than 4 million in France, we are today the leaders of the selective market.

What is the physical development strategy of the brand?

Nicola Pellegrini: The stores allow you to live an olfactory experience, a brand experience, the creation of a human connection. Twenty openings are planned in France in 2023, as many in Europe (Italy, Spain, Great Britain, etc.). The goal is to go from 160 stores today to 250 at the end of 2026. Our physical development strategy in France will go through the recruitment of franchise partners, mainly former store managers who wish to open their own store and already franchised professionals who wish to diversify their businesses.

We aim for 80% development in shopping centers and 20% in the city center. Positioning ourselves in the main shopping centers of the conurbation responds to our need for flow, to our desire to reach customers who have a high frequency of purchase: our best customer returns on average between 3 and 6 times a year, with a cart average of 20 euros.

How are Carmila and its subsidiary Carmila Franchise & Development instrumental in your development?

NP: Very extensive in medium and medium-sized cities, the Carmila park offers a great depth of choice. We maintain fluid relationships, with very constructive exchanges. To help us find partners for the opening of new stores, Carmila Franchise & Development deals with prospecting. The Group therefore provides a strong added value in the choice of locations and candidates. The hindsight on the profiles, the knowledge of the way they manage their shop, prove to be invaluable. Especially since Carmila’s Franchise & Development teams also help us talk to them about the brand. Since we have the same goals, it is clearly a win-win relationship!

Learn more about the Adopt the concept and the conditions for opening a perfumery with the brand, go to Adopt Franchise Presentation Sheet ‘ and, if you wish to further develop your project, contact the network requesting documentation ⇩

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