Affiliation and cashback with influencers

In the fully digital age and in the face of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, daily habits and consumption patterns are being disrupted.

The growth and popularity of online shopping has fueled digital and affiliate marketing strategies. Are you an influencer? You can monetize your products, your website, your account on the networks or your YouTube channel thanks to affiliation and cashback.

Affiliation and cashback are terms that are sometimes confusing and raise certain questions. This guide tells you everything you need to know about membership and cashback principles.

Cashback membership: how does it work?

What are the advantages for the sellerinfluencer Affiliate Cashback?

Membership Reminder

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which an affiliate earns a commission on the sale of a seller’s products, which can be either a sole trader (e-merchant) or a large corporation.

The affiliate then simply selects a product or products that they like promotes them and earns a share of the profits from every sale made. Sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another using a cookie system.

Specifically, the seller makes several promotional materials available to affiliates with identifiable links. Affiliates are responsible for promoting the seller’s products and redirecting their audience to the latter’s website. The affiliation allows the seller to benefit from targeted trafficwhich is mainly made up of Internet users who are already seduced and ready to make a purchase.

Affiliates are the most common influencers who include links in their blog posts, for example. It can also be influencers, who don’t necessarily have a website, but who then promote the seller’s products through their YouTube videos or their posts on social networks.

Membership and Cashback

Cashback is a system based on the principle of affiliation. As part of an agreement with an e-commerce site, a cashbacker agrees to direct potential customers to their partner’s site. If there is a sale, the cashbacker receives a commission on it.

In return, he keeps part of it for his remuneration and passes the other part on to the client. The formula includes Benefits for all players: cashbackers, e-merchants and customers :

  • the cashbacker earns income;
  • the customer benefits from the savings they make on their purchases;
  • The retailer’s website attracts and retains new customers.

For example the website of Cashback iGraal offers its visitors to pay them money every time they shop online. In other words, the visitor makes his purchases through this platform, which allows him to recover part of the amount of his purchase. He then collects his winnings in his bank account.

Cashback is one of the most popular affiliate programs. In fact, cashback is considered that by around 40% of e-merchants, according to a study conducted by the Xerfi Institute of Economics most profitable lever to boost their sales.

30% of them achieved a conversion rate between 5 and 10%. 40% saw an increase in the value of the average shopping cart between 10 and 20%. 30% found that frequency of purchase had increased.

Influencers: The benefits of becoming an affiliate

Affiliate marketing isn’t just beneficial for the merchant side. In fact there is several good reasons for an influencer to become an affiliate.

Passive Income

While any normal job requires you to be at work in order to make money, affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to make money passively. By investing in a campaign, you get continuous returns over that period of time, as long as consumers buy the products you select.

No customer support

Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you don’t have to worry about customer support or customer satisfaction. As an affiliate, you can easily connect the seller with the consumer. It is the seller who is responsible for handling complaints from consumers.

Work from the comfort of your own home

If you don’t like going to the office, affiliate marketing is for you. You can launch campaigns and earn revenue from the products you promote while working from the comfort of your home.

A profitable investment

As an affiliate, you invest your time in the beginning to make your cashback page better known and to increase its visibility. On the other hand, you don’t have to invest a large sum of money.

In fact, affiliate marketing can be done at low cost, which means you can do it Get started and monetize your products fast. Also, you don’t have to pay any fees for the affiliate program or create any product. Becoming an affiliate is relatively easy.

Convenient and flexible

The affiliation via cashback takes place independently. The partner can freely define their own goals, who select products that interest him and even determine his own working hours. This flexibility means you can vary your portfolio as you see fit, or just focus on simple campaigns.

Performance-based compensation

The income you earn from affiliate marketing is based solely on your performance. The more you invest, the more you will earn. By strengthening your communication skills and developing engaging campaigns, you give yourself the opportunity to multiply your income.

Affiliation is an effective and profitable marketing strategy for both the seller, the affiliate and the seller. However, if you want to penetrate this field, you have to work properly link to your site. In fact, SEO techniques that consisted of fooling Google are long gone. Today you must have a quality website.

Internet users naturally seek information online. That’s why it’s important to learn the basics of SEO, keyword research, and website building. backlinks.

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How to become a good partner

Follow these tips to successfully become a successful affiliate:

Pick a niche

To become an affiliate, you must first Build an audience that has specific interests. This way you can tailor your affiliate campaigns to this niche and increase the likelihood of conversion.

By specializing in a specific area, rather than promoting a variety of products, you can target your marketing to the people most likely to make a purchase.

Find products and services that you want to promote

Determine the products and services that fit your niche. Explain to your visitors what they would gain by purchasing the product you are promoting, whether it is physical products, applications, online reservation services or delivery services.

Whatever you choose, be sure to study theirs profitability.

Use multiple media

Rather than settle for a single campaign on a single medium, also consider the possibility of monetizing the products or services through it a blog and social networks. Also, make sure you test multiple marketing strategies to see which ones your audience responds to the best.

Keep an eye out for trends

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive field. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for new trends and put them into practice to stay competitive. Also, make sure to use the hottest new marketing techniques.

Keeping track of these new strategies is the guarantee of a good conversion rate and therefore a better income.

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